Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Social!

Whew!  Finally getting a chance to blog!  Jackers is taking a napper and I'm happy to report that my back is FINALLY feeling better!  Still not 100%, but now it's just feeling normal-sore, not injured-sore. 

At the urging of the hubs and my interwebz friends I took a leap of faith on Monday!  Jack and I made our very first solo outing together to meet another local mommy. 

Especially now that I stay at home with a non-verbal baby all day I CRAVE friends.  I want people to talk to that share my interests and won't get bored with all of the baby talk.  Enter  This is an online network of local groups.  You can search for groups you have an interest in, join the group, and meet face-to-face to do activities.  It's pretty cool.  It feels a lot like interwebz dating, but for friends, not love.   

So I got on to find out if there were any local mommy/playgroups in the area that I would be interested in joining.  I was very happy to find that there is a local group of stay-at-home-moms around my age who get together to do all sorts of fun things like mall walks, zoo visits, craft days, mommy nights out, and other fun group activities. 

I was a little hesitant of getting out there and meeting new people.  I want friends.  I need friends.  I want Jack to have kids to play with that are around his age.  And how else will I accomplish this unless I actually leave my house?!

So on Monday, Jack and I took an adventure to Easton to meet with another mommy from the group.  A mall walk was scheduled, unfortunately only one other mom besides me was able to make it, but I had a blast anyway!  The woman that I met was about my age, has 2 kids (a 2-year-old girl, and 10-month-old boy), and I feel like we have quite a bit in common because we had a lot to talk about! 

We walked around a little bit and then sat and chatted while her kids ran around for a while.  We visited Trader Joe's for some light shopping and then had lunch at Panera.  Her kids are adorable and she was fun to talk to!  I finally felt like I was getting grown up time even if we spent most of the time talking about kids and family, but I guess that's what happens when your full-time job is to take care of your home and family. 

I really had a great time and I feel so good about finally making the choice to get out there and meet new people.  She has been with this group for a while so she was able to tell me a lot about it and had nothing, but good things to say about the people in the group.  Now, I'm really looking forward to meeting more of the moms and kids and hopefully we'll get out to another meetup soon! 

As I said, this was Jack's and my first solo outing together in mommy's car.  Stay tuned and I'll tell you why (unfortunately) my car just isn't going to work out as a mommy ride. 

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