Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bountiful Harvest #2

4 cherry tomatoes and 1 jalapeno:

I did eat one of the cherry tomatoes already and it was delish! VERY sweet. If only the garden would hurry up and start producing more!

What happened to my zucchini? I thought that zucchini and yellow squash are ridiculously easy to grow? How many have I had? None. ???

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Room Updates

First and foremost, check out our new carpet!!!

I know that you don't have a "before" example to compare it to, but trust me this is a HUGE improvement! Our old carpet was stained and smelly! It smelled like dirty, stinky, uncared for animals (from the prior owners). We have steam cleaned and baking soda'ed and tried all sorts of deodorizers, but no matter what we do the smell just kept coming back! Clearly it was stained clear to the carpet pad and there was nothing we could do to fix the problem but invest in new carpet. So we finally did and we are VERY happy with the results! It looks so much fresher and cleaner in our house I can't even tell you!

And to go with our new carpet some fresh new pillows for the couch!

I got these on, $30 for the set, which isn't too bad considering the exorbitant cost of decorative pillows. It's ridiculous! It's nothing to have to pay $30 PER PILLOW at some stores!
So, what do you think of the updates?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our bountiful harvest

Yep, this is it so far. One tomato.

There are a few more still on the vine ripening and several green ones. There is one jalapeno pepper that's nearly finished growing, and a couple of tiny eggplants and cucumbers, but I'm getting worried about what the garden will actually produce since it's nearly the end of August and it's going to start getting chilly here in the next few weeks!

Anyway, my little tomato was VERY good. You sometimes forget how fresh veggies are supposed to taste when you're used to eating produce from the grocery store. This was definitely a fresh vine ripened tomato. I enjoyed it with a nice scoop of cottage cheese. YUM!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

13 Weeks and a Sex Prediction

I'm at 13 Weeks today. This is good.

4 days from now I will officially cross over into the coveted Second trimester. Land of beautiful pregnancy and small baby bumps. Purportedly, the 2nd Tri is the time post- all of the icky 1st Tri vomiting and fatigue and pre- being too large to feel good. I figure the 2nd Tri must be pretty darn good considering people voluntarily go through the 1st Tri again with subsequent pregnancies. I just can't imagine putting myself through this special level of Hell again.

My appointment went well and I haven't gained any weight yet (see: above mentioned vomiting). Blood pressure is good and we got another peak at Bean as they did an ultrasound. This time they were able to do it on my tummy vs. the previous one which was trans-vaginal and just as special and uncomfortable as it sounds. A good thing to note: Baby's head is becoming a lot more proportionate to its body. In early develpment feti (is that the plural of fetus?) tend to look more like an alien or something that should be named Skeletor than a tiny human.

According to this U/S Baby's heart rate was between 158 and 159 beats per minute. A good strong heart rate and one that indicates that this alien being inside my body is a girl.

An Old Wive's Tale says that if baby's heart beat is less than 140 bpm it will be a boy, whereas above 140 bpm indicates a girl. I don't know how 'old' said wive's tale is as I don't think they started doing a lot of fetal heart monitoring until the 80s and of course there are scientific studies that indicate this unit of measure is a bunch of bull cocky, but it's fun to think about anyway,

We should be able to actually find out the sex in approximately 2 months. Apparently right around 14 Weeks or so the fetus will begin to exhibit either male or female genitalia even though sex is determined right at the time of conception. Understandable though since everything is so tiny right now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mark really wants a new TV.

I keep telling him to wait until our current TV (a hand-me-down from his Dad that's perfectly fine albeit large and bulky) dies a peaceful death following a long life. I hate the thought of purchasing a new TV just to do so when we have a perfectly good one right now!

He does not agree with my sensible side so he has prepared a short PowerPoint presentation to persuade me to his way of thinking. I will post the presentation, but you must keep in mind that you missed out on the best part: the argument was made in Mark's best Billy May's (rest in peace, Billy) impression.

In honor of Mark's wish and his persuasive argument I'm hosting a poll, please vote.