Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I haz one!

My prayers to the snow gods have been answered! I was hoping soooo hard yesterday that my work would be closed and it is! This is the first time I've EVER had a snow day from work since I started working at 16. Wheeee!

Late last night, before we went to bed, Mark decided that he was "calling" the forcasted snow storm as a bust. I made a verbal promise that if I got to stay home from work today I would do something productive cleaning-wise around the house. Well... work's closed today so Mark wanted to know what I'm planning to do. Perhaps I'll make the bed...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Only I...

Would get kicked out of a Red Cross Blood Drive.


Okay, I didn't really get "kicked out" per se, but that's what it felt like!

My company sponsors a blood drive quarterly (I think - I've only been here for a few months) and I decided that I would schedule an appointment this time. Now. To be honest, I don't like needles. Who does? But I REALLY don't like needles. I have enough anxiety issues as it is, but throw needles into the mix and I'm a panic attack waiting to happen. Add to that the fact that I seem to have bad veins based on the fact that every time I go in to get blood drawn they seem to have to poke around for a while, blow a few veins, and finally stick me somewhere pretty darn uncomfortable (and crunchy. Yuck.) in order to even get blood. I self-determined that I was probably not a great candidate to donate blood.

So why did I sign up, you ask?

Well, mostly because I have quite a history of doing things on a whim. Please see last Fall's Kitchen Demolition if you require proof of my spontaneity. Plus, the last few times I've gone to have blood work done they haven't had as much trouble with finding a vein ANDPLUSALSO I've always really wanted to be a donor. They suck you in with that "Give Life" slogan, I tell ya. My thought process - Meh, it's just a little stick and then I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have done my civic duty and contributed in a positive way. ::pats self on back::

But, back to that spontaneous thing, I didn't really think any further than patting myself on the back for a job well done. Of course AFTER I signed myself up and electronically made an appointment I began to hear about the actual donor process and investigate a bit of what I could expect. Issue #1 - a PINT of blood?! I didn't think past the first prick, I had no idea that I was going to have to be hooked up for 10-15 mins and encouraged to squeeze something to pump my blood out! Eeek! Issue #2 - Okay, number 1 was really my only issue, but that's a scary one!

I started getting anxious and I investigated a bit further. (Knowledge is CLEARLY not power in this instance. I should have remained blissfully unaware of what awaited me) So I then decide, perhaps I wouldn't even qualify as a donor. I HAVE traveled outside the country within the last 12 months after all, thanks to our fab honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. So, I scanned the list of approved non-malaria countries and I see Dominica. Okay, never mind, they're an approved country. (Perhaps you already see the issue and I'm just the only slow one, but I'll proceed to further explain my stupidity)

So, I go for my appointment trying to calm my blood pressure all the way because I just want to get it over with. I don't want them checking my vitals and looking at me over the little blood pressure cuff like they do, questioning why I'm 22 and my blood pressure is off the charts and my heartbeat is acting like I just ran a marathon AND THEN I'm obligated to explain my anxiety disorder. It's a PITA I tell ya. So, I'm there and I'm relatively calm and I'm undergoing the pre-screening process. I have to answer questions like do you have HIV, have you ever taken meds for ________, etc. One of the questions is about travel outside of the U.S. within the last 12 months.

After I complete the survey, the Red Cross Guy comes back and he starts asking me specifics about my out of country travel - dates of travel, what airport we flew in to, location of our stay, etc. Suddenly, he looks at the computer and he's like, "oh... doesn't look like you'll be able to donate today. You were in a malaria location. You'll have to wait 12 months from the date you returned to the U.S. in order to give blood. It takes 12 months for the symptoms to manifest themselves."

Of course I was like A) I have malaria now?! and B) I checked the web site and I thought it was one of the countries that were okay? I was given this little slip about how I'm being declined as a donor, and how they will keep my "sensitive and potentially embarrassing information" confidential, blahblahblah. I just left thinking WTH?! All that worry and anxiety and nothing! I didn't even get to pat myself on the back for donating blood! Gah!

Later, upon more closely reading the list and consulting Wikipedia for my geographical educational needs Dominica is in fact NOT the same country as the Dominican Republic. Yes, I did a big old ::smack forehead:: on that one. That's right, I was edjumicated by the fine educational establishment THE Ohio State University. Never forget the preceding "The" ::eye roll::

In conclusion, I did not donate any blood, but I wanted to and I thought about it, so maybe I deserve half-credit on that one? Maybe.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been really busy at work. Like REALLY busy. Not only have I been insanely busy, it's depressing. No one ever calls me with good news, that's for sure. (FYI, I work in unemployment - 'nuff said) I need a vacation day.

Every time I hear a Hootie and the Blowfish song it makes me think of Mark because he loves HOOOOTIIIIEEEE! (as he says)

I'm really sick of Ohio Winter. I'm ready for Spring to be here. I think we've all "done our time" for this year thankyouverymuch.

I made whole wheat pizza dough last night - a weeknight! - for homemade Stromboli. It was quite a feat if I do say so myself. It turned out pretty darn good and I got to utilize my favorite kitchen appliance - my pink KA!

I think weekends are way too short. We all spend so much of our lives at work it's just annoying. By the time you get home in the evenings you can't fit everything necessary into those few hours - not to mention you're tired from working all day! - and then it's time to go to bed, get up again, and head back into the office. I see my co-workers - including stupid Old Lady ::evil eye:: - more than I see my husband. That's not a good balance for society IMO. Not that anyone's going to admit that I'm right and change anything. (And by "anyone" I mean whoever makes the rules out there!)

I'm glad that the Presidential Inauguration is over. I'm so tired of hearing about politics. This may make me a bad American, but whatevs, I'm sick of it. I didn't even watch the inauguration although I know that millions were captivated by it all day, and for that fact, probably for the week surrounding it. I take it for what it is - I'm glad Bush is on his way out (this is an understatement), I think this election and inauguration are historically and socially monumental for obvious reasons, but on the other hand, I also know that most of the components surrounding the actual inauguration are 99% politically motivated. The speeches, the traditional spiels, the prayers. I'll be able to catch the important stuff in post-event articles and I won't have to be annoyed by everything else. Furthermore, I find what is to come more important. AND, I was too busy dealing with half of Ohio's unemployment! President Obama - you think we can get crackin' on some sort of solution to that? Kthanx!

I choose to focus on how excited the whole Obama clan must be now that the inauguration is over and Obama is actually president! I mean, his daughters and wife have got to be so proud of him (and themselves) for enduring this whole campaign and making it this far. I can't imagine how Obama could possibly have slept Monday evening! So exciting! Anyway... I'm glad that we're moving away from all the election stuff and I really hope that things in America find a way to improve.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Leftovers?

One of my goals this year is to waste less food. I'm trying to be more contentious of our spending habits (I've always been worried about what we spend on groceries. I'm the coupon queen!) and also waste less of what we purchase.

For dinner Monday night I made Turkey Meatloaf and mashed potatoes*. After dinner, I put leftovers into lunch sized portion containers for Mark and I to take for lunch the next day. I had a little more left over than that, so I wrapped it up in foil and put it in the fridge planning to use it in another dish later in the week.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night.

Mark: What's for dinner?

Me: Not sure... maybe spaghetti because I need to use up the rest of
that meatloaf, we can use it in place of meatballs.

Mark: There's more meatloaf leftover?

Me: Yes. I wrapped it in foil.

Mark: You gave that to me for lunch.

Me: No. I gave you a slice for lunch and some leftover potatoes
and then I wrapped the rest up to use later this week.

Mark: No you didn't. You gave me a slice with the potatoes in a
container and then you gave me some wrapped in foil.

Me: Huh? ::looks in the fridge:: Where did my meatloaf

Mark: I told you, you gave it to me for lunch. I asked you if
the container with the meatloaf wrapped in foil was mine!

Me: You weren't supposed to take what was in the foil! You
didn't think that it was an extra large portion for lunch?!

Mark: Oh... well yeah... but I ate it anyway. It was

So, no leftover meatloaf for later in the week. It's all good because it got eaten so it didn't go to waste, but come on... you didn't think it was weird that it was wrapped in foil outside of the container that I made for you for lunch?! *Sigh* Boys.

*However, I was lackadaisical with the potatoes and against my better judgement I didn't make mashed potatoes from scratch, instead I made those steam in mash Ore-Ida mashed potatoes because I had a coupon. Nothing to write home about. They're on par with boxed potatoes, but more expensive. If you're looking for a better short cut, I'd recommend Bob Evans mashed potatoes that you can buy in the refrigerated section.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Recap.

Wow, I can't believe it's 2009!

Wednesday evening, we had Mark and Carrie over for some games and food to ring in the New Year. We had fun, and the benefit of staying home is that I was able to spend the evening in my comfy pants! I barely made it to midnight. I was soo tired. I remember being a kid and soooo excited to be able to stay up til Midnight on New Year's Eve and SWEARING to my parents that I would stay up all night as an adult. Yeah... not so much.

I didn't make any new resolutions - I don't usually - but my mid-year goals from last year are still being worked on. Getting the house completely organzied and getting our finances in tip top shape (pay off big CCs, Mark's student loan and his car, save money where ever possible, and keep putting money into our high-interest savings account *sidenote: our darn high interest savings keeps dropping our interest rate! I know that it's like this across the board, and our account still has a higher kickback than most accounts right now, but it's still no fun. It does not sparkle nor please.)

Mark and I both had Thursday and Friday off work (Mark also had Wednesday off because he's spoiled, ya know...)

Thursday we just layed around the house and relaxed, didn't really do much.

Friday, we got up (at Mark's insistance, of course) and went to Polaris to spend some of our Christmas gift cards. Even though it was Mark's suggestion, I was the only one who ended up purchasing anything. Surprise. That evening, we went and saw Marley and Me - one of my favorite books! The movie was okay, I don't think it captured the same emotions as the book does. This is not to say I wasn't bawling at the end of the movie, because I most certainly was, but I enjoyed the book tons more than the movie. If you haven't read the book - read it. Now. It's great.

Saturday, more laying around, this is my favorite past-time on the weekends really... we did get up and go to break-lunch (Mark couldn't get me out of bed until Noon) and then we went to Verizon (where Mark was sadly informed he has to make do with my old busted phone until the 29th of January) and then to the library (Mark now is the proud owner of a library card! Yay!) and then home to relax.

Sunday, we just did the usual, cleaning around the house (minimal) and grocery shopping for the week (I forgot the reusable grocery bags at home. I suck at remembering them. My want to help the planet is there... my organization... not so much. I'm working on it) and I read the rest of the evening, while Mark watched football then made a trip to the gym. Then we had dinner and it was time for bed and it seemed like 4 days went by in a flash.

Now it's Monday, back to work - for a whole 5 days ::cries:: and I have a lot to catch up on from my short week last week.