Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been really busy at work. Like REALLY busy. Not only have I been insanely busy, it's depressing. No one ever calls me with good news, that's for sure. (FYI, I work in unemployment - 'nuff said) I need a vacation day.

Every time I hear a Hootie and the Blowfish song it makes me think of Mark because he loves HOOOOTIIIIEEEE! (as he says)

I'm really sick of Ohio Winter. I'm ready for Spring to be here. I think we've all "done our time" for this year thankyouverymuch.

I made whole wheat pizza dough last night - a weeknight! - for homemade Stromboli. It was quite a feat if I do say so myself. It turned out pretty darn good and I got to utilize my favorite kitchen appliance - my pink KA!

I think weekends are way too short. We all spend so much of our lives at work it's just annoying. By the time you get home in the evenings you can't fit everything necessary into those few hours - not to mention you're tired from working all day! - and then it's time to go to bed, get up again, and head back into the office. I see my co-workers - including stupid Old Lady ::evil eye:: - more than I see my husband. That's not a good balance for society IMO. Not that anyone's going to admit that I'm right and change anything. (And by "anyone" I mean whoever makes the rules out there!)

I'm glad that the Presidential Inauguration is over. I'm so tired of hearing about politics. This may make me a bad American, but whatevs, I'm sick of it. I didn't even watch the inauguration although I know that millions were captivated by it all day, and for that fact, probably for the week surrounding it. I take it for what it is - I'm glad Bush is on his way out (this is an understatement), I think this election and inauguration are historically and socially monumental for obvious reasons, but on the other hand, I also know that most of the components surrounding the actual inauguration are 99% politically motivated. The speeches, the traditional spiels, the prayers. I'll be able to catch the important stuff in post-event articles and I won't have to be annoyed by everything else. Furthermore, I find what is to come more important. AND, I was too busy dealing with half of Ohio's unemployment! President Obama - you think we can get crackin' on some sort of solution to that? Kthanx!

I choose to focus on how excited the whole Obama clan must be now that the inauguration is over and Obama is actually president! I mean, his daughters and wife have got to be so proud of him (and themselves) for enduring this whole campaign and making it this far. I can't imagine how Obama could possibly have slept Monday evening! So exciting! Anyway... I'm glad that we're moving away from all the election stuff and I really hope that things in America find a way to improve.

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