Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Recap.

Wow, I can't believe it's 2009!

Wednesday evening, we had Mark and Carrie over for some games and food to ring in the New Year. We had fun, and the benefit of staying home is that I was able to spend the evening in my comfy pants! I barely made it to midnight. I was soo tired. I remember being a kid and soooo excited to be able to stay up til Midnight on New Year's Eve and SWEARING to my parents that I would stay up all night as an adult. Yeah... not so much.

I didn't make any new resolutions - I don't usually - but my mid-year goals from last year are still being worked on. Getting the house completely organzied and getting our finances in tip top shape (pay off big CCs, Mark's student loan and his car, save money where ever possible, and keep putting money into our high-interest savings account *sidenote: our darn high interest savings keeps dropping our interest rate! I know that it's like this across the board, and our account still has a higher kickback than most accounts right now, but it's still no fun. It does not sparkle nor please.)

Mark and I both had Thursday and Friday off work (Mark also had Wednesday off because he's spoiled, ya know...)

Thursday we just layed around the house and relaxed, didn't really do much.

Friday, we got up (at Mark's insistance, of course) and went to Polaris to spend some of our Christmas gift cards. Even though it was Mark's suggestion, I was the only one who ended up purchasing anything. Surprise. That evening, we went and saw Marley and Me - one of my favorite books! The movie was okay, I don't think it captured the same emotions as the book does. This is not to say I wasn't bawling at the end of the movie, because I most certainly was, but I enjoyed the book tons more than the movie. If you haven't read the book - read it. Now. It's great.

Saturday, more laying around, this is my favorite past-time on the weekends really... we did get up and go to break-lunch (Mark couldn't get me out of bed until Noon) and then we went to Verizon (where Mark was sadly informed he has to make do with my old busted phone until the 29th of January) and then to the library (Mark now is the proud owner of a library card! Yay!) and then home to relax.

Sunday, we just did the usual, cleaning around the house (minimal) and grocery shopping for the week (I forgot the reusable grocery bags at home. I suck at remembering them. My want to help the planet is there... my organization... not so much. I'm working on it) and I read the rest of the evening, while Mark watched football then made a trip to the gym. Then we had dinner and it was time for bed and it seemed like 4 days went by in a flash.

Now it's Monday, back to work - for a whole 5 days ::cries:: and I have a lot to catch up on from my short week last week.


  1. I use these
    and they're super easy to remember because they fold up into a tiny pouch. After I empty them, I fold them up and clip them to my purse. Then it's impossible to leave the house without them. Good luck! At least you're trying :)

  2. Those are awesome! I definitely need at least one of those to save me when I forget my other bags. Thanks!


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