Friday, January 9, 2009

What Leftovers?

One of my goals this year is to waste less food. I'm trying to be more contentious of our spending habits (I've always been worried about what we spend on groceries. I'm the coupon queen!) and also waste less of what we purchase.

For dinner Monday night I made Turkey Meatloaf and mashed potatoes*. After dinner, I put leftovers into lunch sized portion containers for Mark and I to take for lunch the next day. I had a little more left over than that, so I wrapped it up in foil and put it in the fridge planning to use it in another dish later in the week.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night.

Mark: What's for dinner?

Me: Not sure... maybe spaghetti because I need to use up the rest of
that meatloaf, we can use it in place of meatballs.

Mark: There's more meatloaf leftover?

Me: Yes. I wrapped it in foil.

Mark: You gave that to me for lunch.

Me: No. I gave you a slice for lunch and some leftover potatoes
and then I wrapped the rest up to use later this week.

Mark: No you didn't. You gave me a slice with the potatoes in a
container and then you gave me some wrapped in foil.

Me: Huh? ::looks in the fridge:: Where did my meatloaf

Mark: I told you, you gave it to me for lunch. I asked you if
the container with the meatloaf wrapped in foil was mine!

Me: You weren't supposed to take what was in the foil! You
didn't think that it was an extra large portion for lunch?!

Mark: Oh... well yeah... but I ate it anyway. It was

So, no leftover meatloaf for later in the week. It's all good because it got eaten so it didn't go to waste, but come on... you didn't think it was weird that it was wrapped in foil outside of the container that I made for you for lunch?! *Sigh* Boys.

*However, I was lackadaisical with the potatoes and against my better judgement I didn't make mashed potatoes from scratch, instead I made those steam in mash Ore-Ida mashed potatoes because I had a coupon. Nothing to write home about. They're on par with boxed potatoes, but more expensive. If you're looking for a better short cut, I'd recommend Bob Evans mashed potatoes that you can buy in the refrigerated section.

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  1. Well, at the very least Mark will eat leftovers. Mike won't. Flat out refuses to. He says that growing up he and Mark had to eat too many leftovers. Hmmm. So, my battle is to make something new from something old. You know...hide the leftovers in a new dish! But, bravo to you for watching waste both with food and with spending!


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