Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bountiful Harvest #2

4 cherry tomatoes and 1 jalapeno:

I did eat one of the cherry tomatoes already and it was delish! VERY sweet. If only the garden would hurry up and start producing more!

What happened to my zucchini? I thought that zucchini and yellow squash are ridiculously easy to grow? How many have I had? None. ???


  1. Ok, your garden posts are cracking my ass up! Our cherry tomato plants are ridiculous...RIDICULOUS!!! Unfortunately, both Jake as well as a small pack of chipmunks sometimes get to them before we can, but we still manage to pick a good couple dozen every week, week and a half or so.

    And we're FINALLY getting heirlooms to the point of being able to pick them.

    Our regular tomato plants have not been as fruitful. We've gotten a couple of smallish sized tomatoes off them so far. Buggars.

  2. Oh Lord, you don't even want to see what kind of redneck fencing we had to rig up to keep the small animals from getting to our tomatoes. WE can hardly get to it to pick anything now!


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