Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mark really wants a new TV.

I keep telling him to wait until our current TV (a hand-me-down from his Dad that's perfectly fine albeit large and bulky) dies a peaceful death following a long life. I hate the thought of purchasing a new TV just to do so when we have a perfectly good one right now!

He does not agree with my sensible side so he has prepared a short PowerPoint presentation to persuade me to his way of thinking. I will post the presentation, but you must keep in mind that you missed out on the best part: the argument was made in Mark's best Billy May's (rest in peace, Billy) impression.

In honor of Mark's wish and his persuasive argument I'm hosting a poll, please vote.


  1. I'm really practical too...but you'll never get a deal like you will now. Go for it! Hours and hours of Elmo and The Wiggles will look SO much better on 42 inches!

  2. I would say....that the jury is out due to what Billy was into at the time of death...

    But if they give a go ahead...then from here on is Steph's and baby's turn on further purchases! :)

  3. I would have to say that $648 from Walmart for a new TV is a massively huges deal that I could not pass up.
    Or you could tell Mark to pay for Lasik instead of a new TV in order to see old TV. :)
    And keep in mind that plasmas get that burn mark in the screen...


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