Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is your brain Before Baby

This is your brain After Baby

Any questions?

Yesterday I was asked a question that pertained to what I did Before Baby.  Yes, not too long ago I possessed useful knowledge that could be applied in a setting where people paid for my opinion.  People called me to answer their questions and provide guidance and entrusted important tasks to me.  I had knowledge that I learned over time.  I spent years adding to that knowledge and knew everything, all the ins-and outs, of my line of work. 



I was asked a few simple questions.  Questions that I gave the answer to daily one short year ago and yesterday, I struggled for the answer.  I realized that the part of my brain that once housed this useful information is now foggy and disorganized.  I was able to recall bits and pieces of information, but certainly nothing near what I used to know. 

And that scares me.

In one year's time I have lost knowledge.  It has been replaced by things like, what chemicals to look out for in commercial cleaning products or conventionally grown foods, the best price for staple grocery items, and different cloth diapering options.  Knowledge that's useful to me and my household, but not necessarily things that other people care about.

If my brain has so quickly forgotten things that I used to deal with everyday, for years, what will happen 2 years from now, or 3? 

There's no set time on when I might want to return to the workforce in some capacity, but eventually I may want to.  And what if I no longer have the skills to make myself desirable to employers? 

What if they're not impressed by a big, gaping hole in the middle of my work experience? 

What if going back isn't an option? 

What if...


Mom Mush.  My brain is Mom Mush. 

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  1. Brain! whu i studied in medicine and i know about baby's brain !



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