Monday, October 6, 2008


For my own sanity, a list:

Things I like about my new job:

My desk faces a window.
The people here seem to be about 80/20 in favor of being independently competent.
It is not 10 degrees below zero on any given day.
There is free flavored coffee and tea.
I don't have to take calls where people yell at me (at least not yet).
I get vacation just for being an employee (also related to this point - I get the day after Thanksgiving off, I get off at Noon on Christmas Eve, and I get the day after Christmas as a paid holiday, as well as New Year's Eve, which I did not get at the State.)
My working hours aren't bad.
People treat me like a competent adult.

Things I do not like:

The eleventy-billion cold telemarketing calls they are having me do!!!!!11!!!!!1! as busy work instead of training me for my actual job duties. These calls are about to make my head explode. Gah!

Okay, see, that's better, I do have more positives than negatives, but if we don't get started with real work soon, I swear, I'm probably going to go crazy. As it is, I'm not 100% sure that my brain functions properly anymore. Stupid, stupid calls, and stupid, stupid company for not being ready to train me when I started working here 3 weeks AGO!

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  1. THAT'S NO FAIR! Gee, I'm going to finally get a window...THREE FEET OVER MY HEAD!

    You really don't deserve it. Hey, I got an idea. Get your "uncle" a job! Yeah, you could ride to work every day with him!


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