Friday, May 22, 2009


Sorry, I've been focusing on trying to get back in the groove this week. I miss the beach!

So, pictures.

View from our room

Random self-portrait

Giant fried bologna sammich!

Mark in Charleston.

Me in Charleston.

On a swing near the bay(? is it a bay?)

This is the restaurant we ate at in Charleston. It was sooo good!

Mark really liked the She Crab Soup : )

Another swing, this time in Surfside Beach.

Dinner at a taproom. It was a good deal, we got 3 beers, an appetizer, a soup and a salad, Mark's steak and my fish, and a dessert to share for under $30. This of course is after they comp'ed Mark's steak which wasn't cooked the way he ordered, gave us a free dessert to apologize, and rang up our free appetizer coupon twice. They waitress said it was okay, so hey, so did we!

Mark with his beer.


Chillaxing at the pool.

We ate tons of crabby!

The End.

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