Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Shower Recap!

Oh boy did I have a great time at my shower on Sunday! I had so much fun that after a few hours of baby shower excitement I was absolutely worn out! My mother-in-law did a wonderful job putting everything together and I'm so greatful that she planned this for me!

We started out by playing a few games: Baby Bingo, a memory game where a tray of baby stuff is passed around, then taken away while people try to make a list of the items they saw, and a guessing game where we took a stab at guessing how many cotton balls were in a bit baby bottle piggy bank (I was close, I guessed 50 and there were 57!).

The decorations were amazing and the food was great! It was a jungle theme inspired by our nursery.

People were SO GENEROUS! We came home with LOTS of goodies for the baby!

As I said before, I had a great time, but by the end of the afternoon I was absolutely exhausted!

Off topic, but here's a pic of Kitteh loving on the Pack 'n Play:

She seems to be under the impression that all of the baby stuff coming into the house is actually for her so she's sure to throughly investigate everything. Today we found that she had somehow gotten hold of a binkie from the nursery and brought it to our bedroom to play with. I think our animals are going to need therapy after the baby gets here because they are so used to being the center of attention!

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