Friday, January 15, 2010

DIY Air Freshener?

I have this... thing. A pet peeve, if you will. I absolutely abhor stale food smell. I love the smell of good food cooking. I can get on board with some cookies in the oven or a lasagna, bread, or even a yummy meatloaf, but if those smells stick around AFTER the food has been cleaned up it drives me nuts! If that smell happens to sink into my clothes... well then I'm really ticked off. I even avoid certain types of restaurants (Hello Japanese steakhouses and Bob Evans at breakfast time!) because I *HATE* leaving smelling of food. It ruins my day.

Last weekend I put together a breakfast casserole for Mark and I to enjoy. The casserole was absolutely delish, but involved my arch-enemy: bacon. Now, I fully enjoy eating bacon in any capacity. It's yummy. But cooking it? I DREAD it because I know my house is going to smell like a restaurant for the next 3 days and any cloth around the kitchen is going to soak up the smokey, greasy smell! *gag* HATE it.

The good news is perhaps I have found a solution to my problem. I haven't tried this yet, so I can't endorse it's ability, but I just came across a suggested DIY, green, solution for ridding your house of unwanted smells. Ready for this??? Baking soda and water in a Crock Pot! How easy is that? Apparently, if you mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water and leave it in your Crock Pot on low with the lid off voila! It neutralizes odors in the air! For an added bonus you can add in some scent in the form of essential oils, extracts, spices, or fruit rinds and the air will be scented as it is neutralized.

I can't wait to try this! Baking Soda may just be my new best friend! I have a Little Dipper that would be perfect for this use, but I'm sure you could do the same thing if you brought a pot of baking soda and water to a low simmer on your stove.

If anyone has tried/tries this let me know how it works!

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