Thursday, March 10, 2011

DVR Killed the TV Star

Hubs and I were watching American Idol last night and one of the contestants sang Joe Cocher's version of "With A Little Help From My Friends", which in my mind is forever known as The Wonder Years theme song. 

This sparked an intense conversation about why The Wonder Years is no longer on TV because it's pretty much one of the greatest shows ever.  And not only is The Wonder Years not on, but it's not even available on DVD due to licensing issues regarding all of the music showcased in the series.  Huge bummer.

Aside from The Wonder Years, tons of awesome classic shows can't be found in syndication any longer.  What has replaced the greats?  After a little investigation I found that there's roughly a eleventy million hours a week of television taken up by The George Lopez show and Two and a Half Men. 

I know I'm clearly in the minority here, but Two and a Half Men blows.  It's not funny.  The whole story line rests on crappy sexual innuendos, which don't humor me.  As far as George Lopez goes, he's not my favorite actor/comedian so I've never really watched the show.  I'm sure it's worlds better than the travesty that is called Two and a Half Men, but it's not good enough to even land on my radar of watchable shows.  Yet it's on for 45 hours a week just counting Monday-Friday evening/overnight on Nickelodeon, which means it must be cheaper to show that PAID programming. 

I was particularly concerned with what's being shown on Nickelodeon in the evenings because I grew up with Nick at Night, which showcased tons of awesome classic television shows.  Nowadays it's probably advertised as G.Lo at Night.

Our conversation then evolved to what television series we would play on our television network.  Our television network, which would be called The Most Awesome Television Network Evah (TMATNE), which people could tune to day and night without the need for DVR and be guaranteed access to great shows. 

Our lineup would most certainly include: 

There are so many GREAT shows out there that are no longer in production.  I don't understand why not one single network out there can get it together and show some classic television shows for our enjoyment.  Even TV Land, which originally started out as a classic series network only shows a select few good shows.

What series would you bring back if you could?  What about cartoons?!

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