Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Week of March 6th

We got a little off track last week because we were busy with birthday stuff for Jack!  But we're back this week. 

Sunday:  We were at a family birthday party this afternoon where we had a big lunch so I didn't end up cooking dinner.  We actually ended up having some oatmeal for dinner :)

Monday:  Meatball Subs with Roasted Cauliflower (By the way, this is my new favorite way to eat cauliflower.  It's SO GOOD roasted!)

Tuesday:  Split Pea Soup (CrockPot)

Wednesday:  Spicy Garlic Shrimp Chicken and Green Beans with Brown Rice - The original recipe was written for shrimp, but I actually have a lot of chicken in the freezer so I'm going to substitute chicken for the shrimp.

Thursday:  Dinner out with friends!

Friday:  Creamy Mushroom Chicken (CrockPot) over Whole-wheat Egg Noodles with Peas

Saturday:  Homemade Pizza or Burritos

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  1. mmm...that spicy garlic chicken looks yummy--lmk how it turns out!


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