Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jack - 15 Months

I'm a little late on this as Jack is about 15 1/2 months now and with the rate that he's changing, advancing, and learning new things, 2 weeks is HUGE in his world!

What is Jack up to at 15 months?

So far, his only words are still "MaMa", "DaDa", and "BehBeh" (Belle Belle), but is babbling more and adding new sounds to his repertoire.  I think we're going to be hearing some new words very soon!

He still loves to play with trucks and other wheeled toys, but instead of just pushing them back and forth he has now figured out how to push them along while crawling with them.

He can now climb onto his riding toys unassisted and is rapidly figuring out how to scoot himself around.

 He's proficient at moving backwards, but is still working on forward motion.  He can move forward, but it's pretty awkward.  He kind of walks with the giant riding toy between his legs! 

As you can see in the above picture, and as I've mentioned before, he experienced his first black eye :(

After several months of them being there, Jack discovered the corner guards that we had on the corners of our tables to protect him from potential injury.  Of course, once he discovered their presence he decided they didn't go with the rest of the decor and that just wouldn't do!  So the morning of his discovery he proceeded to take a few moments to use all of his might to rip each one of them off of their protective perch.  I tried reattaching them during naptime in hopes that he had tired of his game, but no dice, if he sees them back in place he just rips them off again.  What to do about that? 

I'm in big trouble now as he has discovered how to remove his diaper when he deems it necessary.  He pretty much deems it necessary whenever he has access to it, and often through clothes he tries to remove it as well.

The other day, this is what I came upon when I went to get him after naptime:

This would be a diaper without a baby.

And this is a baby without a diaper.
Neither is a good thing.

I really loved seeing his little hiney running around in just a t-shirt and diaper, but I guess that's not really going to happen anymore.  We have diapers with velcro and diapers with snaps.  The velcro doesn't stand a chance, but he's even figured out how to pop the snaps.

He loves to go for walks in the stroller and be outside.  He also likes to dance and will dance to anything from songs on shows to short jingles during commercials!  He'll sometimes dance even if you sing a short, silly song to him.  I LOVE this!

The other day, we were watching Sesame Street and they showed a segment with step dancers, Jack LOVED it and started dancing right along:

We watched that part several times because he was having so much fun!

He signs "more" (usually he just means he's hungry/wants food) and "all done" (he does seem to kind of understand what this sign is now.  He uses it when he doesn't want to do something - like during a diaper change!  He also uses it towards the end of meals.  Sometimes he signs "all done" and then proceeds to take a few more bites and then is really done.  Sometimes he signs it and he's really done, but he does seem to use it at the end of every meal now.

And of course the signs that he knows have to do with food, he's a pretty good eater!  If it's something he really likes, he's a GREAT eater.  Right now, his favorite food is definitely blueberries, followed closely by strawberries.  I think he'd eat either until he turned into a berry!

Yep, that's strawberry face and fingers!
He also really likes bananas, cheese, yogurt, any type of crackers, he loves grilled cheese or quesadillas, toast, and eggs.  He also really likes potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Oh, and pizza.  The kid loves pizza, but really, who doesn't?

Those are things he will ALWAYS eat, but generally, he'll usually eat whatever we're eating, at least some of it.  I really try to make it a point to not feed him the same things over and over because I want him to like all kinds of food.

He's still taking 2 bottles a day, one before nap and one before bedtime and he drinks water out of his sippy cup during the day.  He loves his sippy cup!

Sleep.  Oh my.  Sleep has been all over the place lately.  Remember last month?  When I talked about how awesome he was sleeping and how he was FINALLY sleeping through the night and had a schedule like clockwork and it was OH SO AWESOME!

Jack now laughs in the face of that schedule.

At this point, I even wonder if maybe I just imagined the whole thing and he was all over the place at that time, just like he is now, but I was so frustrated that I just created a happy place in my head.  I don't know, but whatever was supposedly going on then, definitely isn't now!

Shortly after I posted his 14 month update, he started teething with his canines and sleep went right out the door!  Yeah.  Not so happy about that at all!  Since then... I can't even tell you what his schedule is right now.  Thank goodness, he's still napping regularly, usually 1-4pm.  He takes a great nap, I'm very lucky!  But overnight?

Well... a few weeks ago, he was waking multiple times overnight and getting up early, like 7am.  Then, he started getting up once overnight (time varies), and waking up SUPER early, like 6-6.30am.  This is the kid who last month had just started waking at 9am and prior to that slept the whole morning away!  6am?  The 6am wake time did not produce a happy baby.  He was NOT ready to get up and spent all day very fussy.  I don't blame him, I was feeling fussy myself!

After a few weeks of that, last week he decided to start doing his overnight wake up around 5-6am, he'd take a bottle and go back to sleep (thank goodness!) and then wake up at a more reasonable time, but sometimes he'd even sleep super late, like 10.30-11am.  He was all. over. the. place.!  It was so frustrating for me and for him and it just wasn't good.

The last two nights (::knocks HARD on wood::) he has gotten back on schedule (or what I guess his schedule should be.  Who knows.) and slept about 8.30pm until 8.30am.  Whoa!  The past two days have been Heaven for everyone.  I hopehopehope that this is him turning a corner and going back to something that we can all be happy with.  I guess time will tell, but anyone who wants to send the sleep fairy my way, or a few positive vibes, I'd really appreciate it!

As I mentioned, he's definitely teething with his canines.  Surprisingly, sleep (and tiredness from lack of sleep) seems to be the only thing affected.  He doesn't seem to be in too much pain during the day and is happy if he gets a good night's sleep, but a peek into his mouth right now tells a different story.  It looks like all of his canines are coming through all at once and his mouth is a mess.  Those suckers look painful!  Anyway, hopefully they'll all be through soon and things can get back to normal!

Some more pictures:

He loves to play when I go to get him from his crib.  He throws himself all around and rolls trying to get you to tickle him and he loves to play peek-a-boo with his blanket.  He hands it to you so you can throw it over his head!

This is how Belle and Jack spend a lot of their day.  Looking out the window to see what's going on.

Jack loves to wear DaDa's hats!
And he tries to put them on himself.  He can't quite get it yet, but he tries!

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