Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Nope, no echo in here.  It's 3 days 'til Christmas and no, I'm not finished with Christmas shopping/preparations.  I'm thinking I'll work on some things today and make one last shopping run tomorrow.  Maybe throw in a little grocery shopping to tide us over to the Monday after Christmas when I can do our food shopping for that week.

By the way, this week has flown by!  As I mentioned in my last post we've been crazy busy!  Thankfully yesterday was much more relaxed and today should be too.  Tomorrow will probably more craziness since I'm going to be finishing up Christmas shopping, but thankfully I don't have much to get. 

In the meantime, some cuteness:

Notice the toddler fingers in the tree.  He's like, "maybe if I smile my parents won't notice that I'm touching this".

Actually, the tree situation has been better than expected.  That's not to say we don't have to remind him multiple times a day not to play with it/pull ornaments off/move it around, etc., sometimes, it seems, he just can't help himself.  But for the most part, he's been pretty good about it.

We decorated one night after he had gone to bed and the next morning when he woke up he seemed pretty excited about all the new decorations.  He kept pointing to everything and babbling about it.  I am, however, glad that we didn't get the stuff up earlier.  We won't have as much time to enjoy the decorations, but we also won't have to worry about Jack messing with stuff for more than a week or two. A good strategy for this year, I think.

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