Friday, October 12, 2012

Pregnancy #2 - 26 Weeks

We're closing in on the end of the 2nd trimester!  I really feel like this pregnancy is flying by.  I think it must have to do with the fact that once you have kids time seems to start running at warp speed!  I swear, some days seem never ending, but the weeks just fly by!  That old saying about the days being long, but the years  short really is true.  It's definitely making this pregnancy go by quickly.

I'm enjoying being pregnant right now.  I have a big enough bump that it's obvious I'm actually pregnant, not just fat, but it's not too big yet!  I love feeling all the baby movements and kicks and this week I've noticed movement all over the place!  Before this week I was feeling tons of movement down really low and a little up top (I have an anterior placenta again, so nothing up front!) which led me to believe that she's probably positioned feet down in there.  But this week the variety of movement that I was feeling made me think that at one point she had flipped head down (I was getting rib kicks!) and I've also felt movement on either side like she was laying horizontally as well as movement that made me think she was laying diagonally.  I think she's just somersaulting around in there while she still has enough room, experimenting with what she likes best.  Swim down, baby!  Still plenty of time for her to settle into a head down position so hopefully she'll figure out that's where she wants to be here in the next few weeks!

Still not sleeping great.  Maybe 2 weeks ago I officially moved into the territory where I'm no longer able to lay how I did pre-pregnancy.  Lucky for me it took a while because I kind of lay half on my tummy with a knee up to off-set actually laying flat.  That bought me some extra time, but at this point, the bump is too big even for that.  The body pillow is being used every night to support my body so that I can kind of lay half on my side, half on my tummy.  A body pillow is a must during pregnancy!  The downside of the body pillow being it pretty much takes up 1/3 of the bed.  I'm already entering the zone where it's getting a little uncomfortable on my hips and pelvis to flip over at night so between that and having to resituate not only myself, but the body pillow as well it's a process every time I have to roll over, which is at least a handful of times every night.  Poor Mark is a light sleeper so every time I have to resituate it wakes him as well.  Pregnancy is trying on both of us!

I mentioned before that I was having mild, but consistent pelvic pain and it had me worried.  In the last week or so it actually seems to have somewhat improved, which surprised me because it stuck around consistently for a few weeks.  Now it seems to come and go a little more and when it is here it's still mild so ::fingers crossed:: I hope I have a better experience this time!  Of course I still get regular aches and pains though, other than my pelvis I've also had sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, and hip pain, but really, so far it's all been comparatively mild so I can't complain at this point!  I also visited a chiropractor for the first time earlier this week on the recommendation of my midwife.  Chiropractic care is supposed to be great for pregnancy for a variety of reasons and if it might help with the pelvic pain situation it's certainly worth a try! 

In other news, we've attended 2 of 6 classes for our Hypnobabies course.  I'm really glad that we chose to do this!  Last time I was pregnant I did a lot of reading about natural childbirth philosophies and I was still super unprepared for what I experienced.  This time I wanted to make sure we did something to make sure we were armed with real tools to help me through the labor process.  After some research and comparing our options we decided to go with Hypnobabies.  It's certainly not for everyone, but I think it's going to give me the tools I need to have a great labor experience.  Also, because I had a hard time last time, culminating in an unplanned C-section, I feel like Hypnobabies is going to be awesome for helping me move past the fear and anxiety that I have about going through the same thing all over again.

Hypnobabies is available (depending on your area of course) as either a homestudy or an in-person course taught by an instructor.  We considered both and eventually decided that the actual in-person course would be better for us.  We really want to have the best chance possible to learn this process and I feel like we're going to be more confident having an instructor.  It's also great to have Mark learn it right along with me rather than doing the majority of it myself with the homestudy.  I just think it would be a little harder to really learn it together that way for us at least.  So far, despite the bigger monetary investment and considering it's not exactly easy for us to get away for 3 hours on a Saturday morning when we have to arrange childcare we are still so glad that we went this route.  Totally worth it!

I do have to say, I'm kind of surprised by the time commitment.  Like I said, we attend a 3 hour class once a week and that goes on for 6 weeks, but I work with the Hypnobabies material in one manner or another for probably 1 1/2 hours every day.  Mark has to actively participate in some of that as well, but most of it is me.  It's also not always so easy to fit in when my schedule is ruled by a 2 1/2 year old and I have to be in a quite place, uninterrupted to do what I need to do.  Hopefully though, as long as I stay committed to the program and find the time to do what I need to do we'll have a great experience! 

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