Monday, January 21, 2013

Pregnancy #2: 41 weeks

Today we hit 41 weeks and had an appointment with my (favorite) midwife to again check on baby's position and discuss our (limited) options.

The ultrasound confirmed what I already knew: baby is still breech.  Complete breech with both her bottom and her feet tucked down into my pelvis.  Like this:

And I wonder why my pelvis hurts so badly.  Well, instead of the head that used to be there, there's now a bottom AND feet that are kicking and pushing outward.  Good stuff. 

After discussing the pros and cons extensively on our own, as well as with my midwife at our appointment today, we have decided to move forward with a scheduled C-section on Wednesday morning.  All things considered, everyone feels like this is the best choice at this point based on the circumstances we've been handed. 

I'm incredibly disappointed by the way things are playing out, but I do recognize that we've done everything we can and it's out of our control now.  At this point I'm just looking forward to meeting a healthy baby on Wednesday, getting us both through the surgery, starting my recovery process, and tackling this whole breastfeeding thing.  Hopefully breastfeeding will at least go easier for us, we could really use a break (and some cooperation from my body) right now!  Hopefully it will just be an easier recovery all around this time.


  1. been thinking of you all week, hope everything went well on Weds. and that you are enjoying being a family of 4 now!

  2. Hope everything turned out well!


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