Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Garage Sale Extravaganza 2013

Garage sale?  Yard sale?  I guess it was a yard sale because it wasn't in a garage?  But we got rid of stuff in our garage.  Whatever... it's ovah!

We've been working on rearranging things to make a room for Molly for a few weeks now.  The big project was clearing out the office/playroom, which also provided a lot of storage not only for toys but other junk as well.  We don't have a basement so the majority of our storage was in this room and in the garage.  We had a ton of stuff stored that we just needed to get rid of so the next logical step was a garage sale.

Garage sales are a lot of work.  A lot of not fun work.  BUT they're worth the effort in my opinion.  Or at least I think so after the fact.  We haven't done a sale since 2009, which was plenty of time for me to forget just how much work goes into preparation.  (And hey, that was in preparation for a baby too!  Apparently our garage sales coincide with adding children :) )  We cleared out space, got rid of unused items that were just taking up space, and made some money.  Winning all around.

Of course it took us 4 weeks to accomplish our garage sale.  I spent a weekend really sorting things out and then continued to work on it periodically throughout the week.  The night before we tagged everything and then on a Friday afternoon we did our first sale.  We didn't get a lot of action on Friday (although Friday sales are common around here...), but it was actually nice because it helped us to sort everything out and group things together so that we were ready for the next sale.

The next day, Saturday, it rained (of course it would!), but we ended up doing a sale on Sunday that weekend.  We sold quite a bit, but I think Saturday is the biggest day for garage sales so we planned to do another sale the following Saturday and of course it rained again.  The garage sale gods clearly hate me.  SO the following Saturday (week 4!) we were finally able to do our Saturday sale.  I'm glad we persisted because we sold a lot more.

All that work and we got rid of nearly everything we had to sell, definitely all of the big stuff.  I have a handful of sale-worthy items left so I put them up on Craigslist to see if they sell.  I have some clothes that I need to try to consign (I sold some clothing items at the garage sale, but it's hard because obviously it has to be the correct size for people and that sort of thing), and we need to arrange to donate a box or so of goods that are leftover and not worth the hassle of trying to sell on Craigslist.

We moved Molly to her new room on Saturday (::tear::) and she's doing really well.  We still have a few things to move into her new room (changing table and her clothes and diapers) and then it's onto the fun part - decorating!

My house still feels like it's a total wreck.  I guess finding new places for things is kind of a slow process.

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