Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Week of August 4th

The weekend flew by, as usual.  Saturday, Mark installed some shelves in the closet of Molly's room-to-be inching us a little closer to having everything ready to go.  This process really would go a lot faster if we had more time to dedicate to it!  I'm going to really try to work on getting things all arranged this week.

Sunday, we headed to the state fair with friends.  We usually skip it because it's a thousand degrees of hot, but just couldn't pass up a visit with the mild weather we're having!  Highs in the upper 70s/low 80s in August is pretty unheard of around here.  Loving it!  Rides were ridden, fair food was consumed, fun was had by all.

Sunday:  At the fair

Monday:  Grilled Sausages with Corn on the Cob and Fruit

Tuesday:  Skillet Summer Vegetable Lasagna with Salad

Wednesday:  Spicy Bean Burritos with Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday:  Leftovers/Freezer Meal

Friday:  Homemade Pizza

Saturday:  Out

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  1. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend.
    Don't you just hate eating the same thing everyday? I know I certainly do.
    This is a wonderful time of year when many bloggers are sharing their summer harvest.
    My husband and I will be heading to the farmers market in a couple of weeks. He actually wants to try his hand at making pickles. It should be fun for both of us.
    Have a delicious week.

    1. I love a lot of variety is our menu! I would get bored eating the same things over and over :)


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