Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Projects

Happy Friday!  This week went by really fast, but wanted to update with a few projects that we accomplished over the 3-day weekend last weekend.

First, we did MORE rearranging and I think we've finally come up with a working solution for toy storage!  At least for the time being.  Big thanks to Mark for brainstorming with me!

We moved the majority of the toys that used to be in Molly's room (before it was her room) to Jack's room.  Here's what his room looks like right now:

This is where a lot of his toys and some books are now stored.  It seems to be working out well.

Oh, hai Kitteh.

We added these vehicle decals recently and Jack really loves them.  I'm planning to take down the animals the are currently on his wall, but I haven't yet done this because I think Mark's going to have to touch up the paint when I do.  I'm also planning to paint his name letters white and probably get some sort of artwork or something to go above his shelving unit.

Also this weekend, I made Jack a superhero cape.  He has recently taken an interest in superheros and really wanted a red cape.  This was a quick, fun project.  I followed this tutorial, except I turned and top-stitched my cape and then added the lightening and "J" embellishments with felt.

Another quick sewing project accomplished this weekend was a new changing table pad cover for Molly's room.

I'm just starting to turn my focus to decorating her room and it's going to be a lot of fun!

Here's what it looks like now:

Pretty boring at the moment, but we're just starting to get things situated.  She's only been in her room for a few weeks now.  We recently put up her new curtain (ruffles!  Girls are fun :) ) and I have a new hamper and trash can, but we don't really have room for them yet.  I think we're going to end up rearranging the furniture in this room, just have to figure out how it's going to work best.  Right now it's functional, but I don't like the set up very much.  The room is small, not tiny, but the placement of the door, closet, and window kind of make things challenging with the bulky nursery furniture and keeping in mind that things need to be out of her reach once she's (very soon!) able to get around in her crib.

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