Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Things.

Dear Mr. Postman,

Certainly you do not think that I spent the 2 extra minutes on a Monday morning when I was (as usual) already running about 10 minutes late for work removing our latest Netflix DVD from the player, sliding it back into the sleeve, packaging it all up, and remembering to take it with me out the door and place it in the mailbox so that you could "accidentally" "overlook" the BRIGHT RED envelope in our mailbox when you came to our house today?!

Yet THIS is what I come home to find.

I took the extra 2 minutes this morning in hopes that I could have a speedy turnaround in the switch from this DVD to the next, you Sir, are thwarting my attempts at adult forethought.


A Disgruntled Citizen-Customer.

On the good news front...


Our daffodils are blooming!
It's a sure sign that we may just make it through this ucky Ohio Winter after all! I love daffodils. One because yellow is one of my favorite colors, and two, because it's usually one of the very first plants (if not the first?) to bloom in the Spring. It gives me hope and makes my heart happy to see something pretty after months of gray!


We have a shelf in our newly mucked out and renovated office!
Upon which sits one of Mark's favorite objects - the OSU gnome, as well as this clock:

Which he swears really "makes" the room. Whatever that means.

The shelf was of course installed by my very handy hubby who is currently taking advantage of this fine Spring weather and golfing. I'm sure he'll be home in a few hours crying about aches and pains and how old he is ::eye roll:: but at least he's probably having fun right now!

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