Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Office Project.

I haven't been posting because the majority of our spare time has been spent working on our home office.

When we moved into the house about 2 1/2 years ago, it was set up (and used) as a functional office. Then we started wedding planning, and had wedding showers, and got wedding gifts and it took over the room. Embarassingly enough, wedding stuff at one time was taking up both the spare bedroom and the office.

In December, I tackled the spare bedroom and got everything cleaned up in there and we even got a bed set up! Yay us!

Two weekends ago I got the productive bug and decided to tackle the office, which has pretty much sat untouched as a storage room since May-ish of last year.

Here's a before pic:

Here's after I mucked it out:

You'll have to forgive my photography skills above, I snapped those with my cell phone.
We aren't 100% finished with everything because we still have a few accessories to hang, need to reorganize the stuff on the bookcases, and maybe a few other things, but here's where we are at right now:

Please note Kitteh demonstrating how to sit at the desk! ; )
We (mostly meaning Mark) tore down wallpaper, fixed walls (and recently discovered holes...), painted, hung curtains, put together 2 book cases, and refinished the desk! He's so handy!
The walls are painted gray, which look a little bluish in the pic, but I'm sure it's affected by the natural light coming in, and obviously all the furniture is black. We're very pleased with how it has turned out.
I'll share some more pics once we get all of the final touches taken care of!

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