Monday, March 15, 2010

2 Weeks!

I can't believe Jack is already 2 weeks old! This time has gone by so quickly! We have spent every day since his birth just catering to his every need. We are in a constant cycle of feeding, changing diapers, and his sleeping every two hours. Breaking your days down into 2 hour increments really makes the time go quickly!

Here are some memorable things from the first two weeks:

- Jack has realized that he has more space than he used to while in my tummy. He now does big full body stretches, but he does tend to still keep his hands balled up near his chin and his legs folded up near his body. Guess he's just more comfortable that way!

- He likes his bouncy seat and often naps there, but he gets upset when the vibration, which is on a timer, switches off. He kind of stirs and gets an angry old man face. He usually goes right back to sleep when it's turned back on.

- He makes the best faces! I wish I could capture them all on camera. They range from a concerned, furrowed brow, to what seems to be wide-eyed amazement when he's focusing on new things.

- Jack lost nearly a pound post-birth. We starved him for a week and didn't realize. Poor guy!

- He loved nursing and took well to it, unfortunately my body didn't cooperate. More on this later.

- While we were in the hospital he slept alllll the time. Wouldn't even wake up for feedings. The first handful of nights we were home Jack would sleep during the day after feedings, but didn't want any part of it at night. Those were some long nights... mostly for Daddy.

Something interesting we learned from the Pediatrician: It might be too dark and quiet at night. Babies sleep to avoid noise and that's likely why he slept better during the day. We added a nightlight, his swing, and some heartbeat sounds and it worked! He sleeps much better at nighttime now.

- Jack will not immediately go into a giant, loud, angry cry. He usually just does a little "heh-he heh-he heh-he" cry to let us know he's awake/wet/hungry/wants to be held and it's almost like he's saying "I need something... don't make me angry because I will cry".

- He smiles! I know people say it's just gas and I know that it's involuntary. It's not like he can do it on command, but quite often we see big full smiles. They happen while he's sleeping, or while he's just relaxing. I like to think that it's a manifestation of him being happy even if he doesn't know it's happening.

- Jack has the biggest hands and feet I've ever seen on a newborn! These are most definitely not from me! He reminds me of a puppy who needs to grow into his paws. To complement these hands and feet he has skinny little frog legs! : )

- He likes to scare Mommy and Daddy by lifting his head. He really does act like he's a little older. I'm not sure if the fact that he was born a week past my due date has anything to do with this or not. He doesn't just lift his head momentarily, he lifts his head to turn it, or to look at you, or to dive his whole body to the side. He has amazing control. I think he'll get the hang of the whole head thing pretty early.

- Oddly, he likes to lean to the right. Always. He does it whether he's in his bouncy seat on an incline, or laying flat in the bassinet.

- Jack just started getting real tears when he cries. Somehow it makes those cries sadder.

- He had his first real bath last night (in his tub vs. a sponge bath like he had been getting) and he only cried at the very beginning. After that he relaxed and didn't act scared at all even when we were rinsing his hair. He's very brave!

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  1. "it's almost like he's saying "I need something... don't make me angry because I will cry"."

    That's funny...I say something similar to Leo when I'm tired or hungry. But it usually involves a lot of cussing and/or yelling, depending on what it is that I want. Maybe I should try this crying thing instead. :D

    p.s. You guys are adorable. Want more pictures!!!


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