Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 Months!

I suppose it's about time I get Jack's 7-month pictures posted considering he'll be 8-months-old in just a couple days.

Jack is growing up much too quickly for my liking!  Every day he wakes up a little bit older and wiser than when he went to bed.

He can roll from tummy to back and has been doing so for quite some time now, but still isn't showing any desire to roll from back to tummy.  This means he's still a back sleeper, which is a-okay with me.  No real progress with crawling yet, but he is starting to become interested in laying on his belly and kicking his legs a mile a minute so I'm sure it's in our near future! 

He's finally interested in purees!  We first introduced "solids" with a few bites of rice cereal when Jack was about 5 1/2 months old.  He was not a fan.  We also tried avocado, applesauce, carrots, and peas and nothing was very pleasing to him.  He'd take a bite, maybe two and then refuse anything further.  One day I guess a switch just flipped and now he's really enjoying exploring purees! 

He likes butternut and acorn squashes, yesterday we introduced green beans, which he seems to like and his favorite by far is sweet potatoes.  He has also had some nibbles of apple when I was eating it and some yogurt, which he really liked.  I picked up some yogurt for him at the grocery store this week so we'll see how he takes to that! 

I've been making all of his food from produce that we purchase at the local farmers market and I've really enjoyed doing it.  I'm also going to be making him some applesauce, pears, and carrots very soon! 

Jack has been enjoying some veggies for dinner nightly, but yesterday I introduced the green beans at lunch, which he seemed to enjoy and then he also had some sweet potatoes and squash for dinner.  We're all really enjoying this time of food exploration.

Jack is finally(!) sleeping in his own bed!  He had been sleeping in our room because despite our attempts to move him to his crib he just didn't like it.  We were okay with him taking the lead because I actually really liked having him so close during the night and he was sleeping well.  Eventually, he seemed to outgrow wanting to sleep in our room though and started getting restless overnight so we again tried moving him to the crib. I guess he was ready because he took right to it and slept straight through the night the very first night!  Again, with that switch flipping thing, I suppose. 

He's been happily sleeping in his crib for several weeks now.  He mostly sleeps through the night.  He will sometimes wake up a night or two during the week for an overnight diaper change and bottle, but he goes right back to bed.  Jack usually goes to bed around 8.30pm and wakes in the morning around 8am for a bottle and then goes back down until maybe 11am.  He's a good sleeper! 

Also a recent development, he doesn't want to be rocked to sleep anymore!  I already miss this time that we had of him falling asleep in my arms, warm and snuggly, but I guess he's a big boy now and wants to do it himself!  He typically goes down for naps and bedtime without crying at all.  Sometimes he'll fuss for a few minutes, but it rarely even escalates to true crying.  He'll often just babble/sing himself to sleep!  We put him down with his Mr. Seahorse, which glows and plays a few tunes

 and we also have a white-noise machine that plays quiet rain sounds to help him sleep.

In addition to his marathon overnight sleep, Jack will usually go down for an afternoon nap as well as a short early evening nap (usually just an hour or so) that gets him through to bedtime.

Jack loves to play and his favorite toy right now seems to be the battery-less remote control that we've given to him.  I think he wants to be like Daddy!  Although, Daddy doesn't chew on his remote.  At least not that I know of. 

He also really loves to be out and about!  We've been taking a weekly Saturday morning excursion to the farmers market.  I usually wrap him in the Moby facing outwards so he can see everything and he quietly takes it all in, kicking his legs as we walk and occasionally trying to grab things within his reach.  He happily comes along on any errands and sometimes when he's fussy a quick trip to the store seems to calm him down.  Mark calls him The Mayor and says that Jack just likes to get out and see his people! 

The newest development for Jack is his very first tooth!  I first noticed it barely peaking through mid-October (10/11 to be specific!) and since then it's been working its way through.  It's about 1/3 or half-way visible now.  He'll be ready for some steak soon!  ;)

Whew!  That's a long update!  But I kinda missed his 6-month one so it's really 2 months in one.  I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next month!

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