Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bug Incident

My poor husband has the disadvantage of sleeping next to me on a nightly basis.  I'm a VERY heavy sleeper and for some reason this coincides with me also being crazy in my sleep.  Of course I'm a cover hog, but among other things, my crazy also extends into random midnight sleep conversations, which my husband tells me he likes to keep going as long as possible just to see where it ends up, and I often awake from dreams thinking that they're real. 

Last night, I was having a dream about bugs.  I don't really remember what my dream was about, but it may have been inspired by a blog post at Grumbles & Grunts that I read shortly before bed regarding baby-led eating and bugs.  All I know for certain is that I was conscious enough at the time of this incident to be mildly embarrassed of my actions.

Shortly after 3am this morning (dead time, anyone?) I suddenly proclaimed to my husband, "GIANT. BUG. RIGHT BY YOUR HEAD.  GIANT BUG!!!!!!!".  To which he, presumably from a dead sleep, jumps out of bed and starts yelling, "BUG!  WHERE?  WHERE IS IT?!". 

Hmm..., I thought to myself now that I was reasonably awake, was there really a bug or was that just part of my dream?  Well heck, let's go with it, maybe there was a bug.  I was all confused at this point. 

So I hand Hubs my book light to check out the situation as I roll over and say, "I dunno, it was hanging right there above your head.  It was a big one.  Maybe it was just part of my dream... ".  ZZzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZ...

You'll have to ask Mark about whether he was comfortable attributing the monster bug to my dream or if he felt like maybe there was a giant bug hiding somewhere near his head all night.  I'm not sure how that played out because after I caused all that ruckus over a likely imaginary bug, I rolled myself up in the blankets and went right back to sleep.

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