Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The War on Christmas?

Let's talk about the War on Thanksgiving! 

We hear a lot in the media about the "War on Christmas".  I read an article the other morning (No Truce in 'War on Christmas') and rolled my eyes through the whole thing. 

It offends me that people are offended because store clerks are encouraged to wish shoppers "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  Really?  That's what we're concerned about nowadays.  How store employees send us on our way after we spend too much money on material goods that no one really needs. 

I'm so glad we have our priorities straight because I'm sure that God and Little Baby Jesus would certainly be offended that we as a society are trying to be more contentious of including ALL people, religions, and beliefs.  But no, those who celebrate Christmas should be the ones readily recognized for their public service of spending money this holiday season. 

Because after all, that's what Christmas is about and somehow the lack of wishing shoppers a "Merry Christmas" is a personal affront on Christ.  Come on people.  I'll end my rant about the "War on Christmas" here, although I could certainly go on. 

What I'm MORE offended by is not being wished a "Happy Holidays" this season, but the fact that Christmas is starting to encroach on my very favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. 

Consumers are being bullied into making holiday purchases earlier and earlier as stores are bringing out their Christmas displays in late September and early October and carols are being broadcasted throughout stores from November 1st on through December. 

Thanksgiving is a separate holiday that isn't celebrated with presents under a tree and perhaps that makes it a little less popular.  It's about food, and family, and thinking about the things we are lucky to have.  It's a day to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some good food with family and friends. 

I not only enjoy the holiday for those reasons, but I also respect it because it is probably the least commercial holiday of the year.  I enjoy showing up at someone's house with some good food in hand and that being my only contribution.  There's no stress of trying to figure out what you're going to buy the person that already has everything or where you're going to get the money to spend on gifts for everyone on your list.  It's just a nice day with good food.  I like days like that. 

Thanksgiving is slowly being forced out of the picture by Christmas, stealth-bombed by garish lights, hi-jacked by carols booming out of store speakers, and accosted by giant inflatable lawn ornaments of Santa on a Harley in his boxer shorts.  All in the name of being good consumers and spending even more money on even more unnecessary items all in the name of a holiday that has to be bigger and better and more grand every year.  Of course it's not about consumerism, but about celebrating Jesus's birthday. 

Although I don't generally like to admit it, I can't control the world around me, but as for my household we will not be celebrating Christmas before its time.  There will be no holiday music coming from our speakers.  No lights on our house.  No tree to trim in front of our window.  At least not until after Thanksgiving and probably not until this weekend. 

I enjoy celebrating one holiday at a time and for me, November is for Thanksgiving.  Once December hits, I'll gladly switch over to Christmas mode.

Note:  Tidy Home Tuesday will probably be Tidy Home Wednesday this week as it's been a busy one and I haven't had time to get much cleaning done around the house other than the necessities. 


  1. I totally agree. Despite what some people may want to believe, Christmas is not the only winter holiday! Plenty of other religions celebrate important days this time of year. People should be thankful they are wished any good tidings at all.

  2. I totally agree. I was pleased to find out that Nordstrom also agrees with us. They didn't put up any decorations until Black Friday. Really nice to hear.

  3. I totally agreed...until I had kids. Now, all I hear is "can we put up the tree?" "Can we put up the lights outside?" They are so excited and innocent...how can a mommy say no. So, up goes our lights so they can be turned on Thanksgiving night and up goes the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Afterall, they are only this little and this excited about Christmas once in their lives. So...for them...mommy will do it all early.

  4. Great post! I also love Thanksgiving b/c all you have to buy to prepare is yummy food! It is sick that stores are open 24 hours and people are out shopping all day to "get the best deals" on junk they don't need. On thanksgiving we read an article in the paper about the percentage of people who are still paying off the stuff they bought last year on Black Friday. Doesn't that tell you something?


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