Thursday, July 28, 2011

I think we're in agreement here

There are opposing sides on a lot of issues that affect women, but one point I think we can ALL agree on: swimsuits are The Devil.

Amiright?  Because I'm pretty sure I am.

And the most frustrating part for me is I don't even mind wearing a bathing suit!  Heck, I even like it because if I'm wearing a bathing suit it means that I'm at the beach or at least near some form of water and I love being those places so bring it on!  But that's only half the battle.  The part I hate is the darn suit itself!  Or rather, finding a suit.

I'm certain that males control the bathing suit industry because I'm SURE women haven't created this situation for themselves.

First, let's look at the cost.  Bathing suits are the most expensive piece of nothing we have to purchase.  They can't cost much to produce yet most places have their suits priced at $100 OR MORE!  That's insane!  I'm 100% convinced they're priced like that because they know that once a woman finds a suit that she feels okay in they'll be willing to pay any price for it!  $178.99 for a scrap of fabric that doesn't draw attention to my mom pooch?  SOLD! 

It's highway robbery, people!

Secondly, are swimwear designers under the impression that all women, regardless of size otherwise, are an A-cup?  Because my experience is that nearly every woman would enjoy a little more support for The Girls in their $180 suit.  Those annoying sewn in "soft cups", which, let's be honest, are really just the deformed cousin of shoulder pads, that move around and do nothing just ain't going to cut it with with my DDs.  It's laughable that that's the "supportive option". 

Apparently the industry is under the impression that woman are actually a bunch of pre-pubescent girls and we usually wear bras on a daily basis just for funzies.  Would it kill them to put in some underwires?  I suppose it would cut into their 425% profit margin if they did, so there's that.

Don't even get me started on never being able to find anything in my size at a store.  I can find larger sizes, I can find smaller sizes, but there must be a lot of people out there who wear the same size I do because I feel like it's *never* available!  I don't even try anymore. 

If there's one thing you really don't want to shop for online it's a bathing suit, yet with the limited options that are in stores to begin with coupled with the fact that I can never find my size in what they do offer I'm forced to.  It's really hard to choose a swimsuit without trying it on. 

It doesn't make it any easier to shop when the ladies modeling the suits are super tanned, toned, extra-smalls (the kind of girls who wear a 00 <-- that is not a size!  It the double negative existence of a size!  Ugh, don't get me started.) being photographed in perfect light with a light breeze blowing their hair in an alluring way.  This doesn't give me any idea what a suit is going to look like on me.  How about a moderately accurate representation of the suit by depicting a more realistic person wearing it?  Just a thought.

And what's the deal with style options?  Or lack there of.  In our society women are told that they're not good enough.  We have to cover up and hide our bodies because they aren't skinny enough, toned enough, tan enough, they're just not enough.  And then, we have to pay for our $180 suits that we spend the whole time feeling TOTALLY uncomfortable in because if we don't look good enough in our daily clothes why in the world would we expect to look good in glorified underwear?!  That leads to not feeling good which can ruin any outfit.  I think that a lot of women would appreciate a wider range of bathing suit style options. 

Some people want more coverage, modesty, or support and this is true at ANY size so why can't we have more options?  Aren't consumers supposed to drive the market?  The traditional brief-style suit just isn't going to look great on everyone.  Just like skinny jeans don't look great on everyone (err... very few actually.  When will that trend end?  Soon, I hope.).  The point is that every woman should have the opportunity to feel great in what she's wearing and typically swimsuits are every woman's nightmare.  It's no wonder! 

Honestly, while shopping this year it seems like they're starting to make some positive strides with swimwear design.  They now offer swimdresses, skirtinis, and one-pieces that are actually cute and fashionable and don't look like they're made for old women.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being an old woman, but I'm not one and I want a full coverage option that isn't going to make me look like I shopped in someone else's closet. 

It doesn't seem like much to ask considering the amount of money I'm paying for a darn piece of stretchy fabric. 

Can you tell I've been bathing suit shopping today?  :P

Where do you find cute suits for a reasonable price? 


  1. I always find problems with this as well - but for the opposite reasons. I want an age appropriate suit that fits. To find my size, I usually need to look in the juniors department... not my idea of age appropriate. I can usually find some sort of cheap suit at Target, but I've been informed J Crew sells a variety of high quality, only slightly overpriced styles - and they do last a long time (I still have one from high school, in fact - with an underwire!) Maybe it's getting late in the season and there will be a sale ;)

  2. Lands End. They have over 100 options in all sizes and styles (petite and plus size included) and they are all on sale at the moment.

    I find that their clothes are true to size or run big, so you don't have to worry about ordering a size and not being able to fit in it when it comes in the mail.

    I know shopping online is not ideal when it comes to swimsuits, but I find that you know which general styles are going to look good on your body type. I order two or three and then send the ones I don't like back.


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