Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teething Sucks

I've mentioned before that Jack is currently working on his 2-year molars.  It feels like he's been working on them forever, probably because he has.  It seems like they start moving and then stop.  Move and stop.  Move and stop.  Which puts him in pain off and on.

I realized a week or so ago that his top molars were finally through.  Not all the way, but maybe 1/3-1/2 of the way.  Progress!  At that time, his bottom molars weren't showing, but his gums definitely looked swollen and red, so I thought they would be showing their poky selves any time.

His mouth has definitely been bothering him the last couple of weeks.  He's been waking up early (which he also did when he was getting his 1-year molars), sometimes he cries out when he's getting his teeth brushed if the toothbrush hits where it hurts, etc.

Which brings us to now.

Tuesday morning he woke up earlier than early and was in a bad mood (I thought because he woke up even earlier than he had been) didn't eat much and by the time naptime came around he was sporting a mid-grade fever.  He seemed to be a little better by the time he woke up from taking a reasonable nap, but wasn't feeling good again that evening.

Yesterday morning he slept in, woke up in a good mood, but didn't want to eat much or play.  He pretty much spent the day on my lap reading books.  He only took about an hour long nap and spiked another mid-grade fever again before bedtime.  We put him down for bed about 30 minutes earlier than usual and he was up twice before Mark and I even went to sleep.  Thankfully, his fever had gone down by the time of his first wake up.  He slept through the night after that and was up early this morning and only wanted some yogurt for breakfast.

Poor kid :(

I think we're all just ready for these teeth to be through.  He's felt so badly the last 2 days, I just hope this is the big finale before he has this mess behind him.

I'm exhausted.  I think it's more mental than anything.  Getting less sleep than usual isn't helping, but spending all day trying to keep him happy when he's uncomfortable, worrying about what's wrong with him, what he's eating/drinking/feeling is just wearing me out!

It has to get better soon, right?  We have to be in the home stretch at this point!

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