Friday, August 17, 2012

Impressed by Bissell

When I was pregnant with Jack we invested in a new vacuum and it was a very much needed investment.  We got a great deal on a Bissell Healthy Home and 2 1/2 years later I can say that I'm still very happy with our investment.  The vacuum works great, has all the attachments I need, and I love that it's bagless!  The only upkeep we've had to do is replacing the HEPA filter, which I was able to pick up at Bed Bath & Beyond for a reasonable price.  Although, it's been a year since I did that.  I should probably go ahead and do that again...


The point is, I've been very happy with the vacuum.  But 2 weeks ago, something bad happened.  The hinge on the debris door broke.  Honestly, it was probably more my fault than anything.  I wasn't very careful with it and would often kind of bang the container around on the inside of my trash can when I was trying to get the icky stuff out.  It was still useable, but rather than hitting a button, the door swinging open, emptying the container, then shutting the door, I had to hit the button, manually remove the door completely (which was kind of messy), empty the container, and then manually replace the whole door again. 


I was bummed about this.  The next week I thought to get on Bissell's website to see if they sold a replacement part, which they do.  I was contemplating buying it and then thought to check whether the vacuum came with any sort of warrenty, it did!

Last Friday, I contacted Bissell's customer service department via email to see whether a new debris door would be covered under our 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty.  I emailed them late Friday afternoon and they responded to me on Sunday asking for the model and serial numbers and date of purchase.  I provided these to them in an email response on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday they responded to let me know they'd be sending me the part free of charge.  This afternoon (1 week after our initial communication and just 3 days after them promising the part) the part arrived on my doorstep via FedEx! 

I'm extremely impressed with the swiftness of Bissell's customer service.  I much prefer emailing rather than calling, but sometimes it takes a while to hear back once you submit one of those contact forms from a company's website.  I am also very pleasantly surprised by the fact that this issue was so easily resolved.  No hoops to jump through, no drama, it was so nice!  It's probably a little sad that I'm so easily impressed by good customer service, but honestly I run into bad customer service far too often, a little good goes a long way with me! 

So basically, this all just made my day!  I saved myself $21.99 + shipping (and really, I probably just saved myself loads of frustration because I'm stubborn and I probably would have just muddled along with the broken door, cursing it every time I had to empty the debris container rather than purchasing the replacement part) because the part was covered under warranty and all with no headache.  Score! 

Other goings on from this week:

- 2 1/2 year sleep regression that just won't quit (this coupled with pregnancy insomnia is not a good thing to say the least)

- We've decided to cloth diaper this next baby right from birth and I scored a good deal on some newborn diapers earlier this week.  They also arrived today and they're so darn cute.  I can't wait to put them on a tiny baby heiny!

- I'm making a whole chicken in the CrockPot for the first time today.  I keep seeing this method popping up on the interwebz so we'll see how it goes.  I actually intend to pull all the meat off the bones to use in another recipe so I thought it would be perfect for the CrockPot method.  I love using my CrockPot whenever possible.  It does all the work, doesn't heat up the house, and uses less energy than the oven.  Win-win-win. 

- I *finally* got around to taking a picture of the Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches that we make.  It's not at all a difficult recipe, but it's one of our grilling favorites that shows up frequently on our menu during the warm weather months.  I'm planning to share it with you next week!

Happy Friday!

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