Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Fun

Most of this Summer has quickly passed us by while I was dealing with early pregnancy ickies and we were all hiding out from the wretched heatwave that encompassed nearly all of Summer! Seriously, upper-90s to 100+degree weather plus humidity is not anything you're able to be out enjoying. Lucky for us, the last few weekends we have been greeted with gorgeous Saturdays so we've been trying to get out to enjoy some Summer while we still can!

Several weekends ago, we hit up the annual Jazz and Rib Fest for some ribths.  They were good.  I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy eating ribs and licking barbeque sauce off my fingers to deal with a camera :)


The next weekend we were able to get up to the Zoo for bit where Jack rode the carousel for the first time.  I was a little skeptical as to whether he'd like it or not because you can never tell with new things, but he LOVED it!  Of course there were tears when the ride was over.

This past weekend we took Jack for a haircut (his 2nd one.  His first one went just about as well...).

Before his first haircut I never understood why people would pay twice as much for a kid's haircut just to take them to a special kid's place.  Now I know.  This kid hates getting his haircut and at least if we go to the kid's place there's a chance that maybe, possibly, one day he'll be distracted by the cars you sit in or the movie they turn on, not to mention they seem to be used to cutting moving heads attached to crying kids so I guess it's worth the extra money at this point. 

After that we went to a Touch-A-Truck event.  Now, Jack luuuuuurves any sort of vehicle/transportation/anything with wheels so we were SURE he'd love this.  However, we didn't count on it being such a big event and when we first got there Jack was just a little overwhelmed and scared by it all.  There were people everywhere and giant trucks with honking horns.  I can see why it was a little intimidating.  After a while he did warm up and then he ended up really enjoying himself! 

Driving the Zamboni

A 4-seater gator of some sort

Garbage truck.  Squish, crunch, GRIND!

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