Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Week of April 20th

Forgive my absence.  Last week was kuh-razy!

After an extended prologue, I attended a long birth last weekend and didn't return home until early Sunday morning, the same day I was hosting a bridal shower for my sister.  Everything turned out well all around, but I was super tired!  I only made it through because Mark was such a hugeastic help behind the scenes.

That dress?  Mark picked it out and bought it for me because I didn't have time to shop.  One of the many things he did to help me last weekend!

Then, everyone came down with an icky cold.  I was sicker than Mark, probably because I was so run down.  Molly recovered quickly, Mark never got very sick, and it lingered for a while for poor Jack.  He wasn't feeling better until pretty late in the week, but thankfully he is feeling better now!

I did make some Tortellini Minestrone (because, it snowed last week.  In mid-April.  Amongst 70-degree days.  Ohio... ) and Chicken Fajitas (because it snowed and then was back up to 70-degrees 48 hours later.  I'll take it!), if you're interested.

Easter Egg painting

We had a very nice Easter!  The weather was the loveliest I can remember in years and the kids were able to enjoy an outdoor egg hunt!  Can't beat that!  We spent the morning at home and then were out at my grandparents' for late lunch/dinner.

Easter Egg hunting.  Molly was all over the hunt.  She caught on very quickly!

After two pretty challenging weeks in a row I'm hoping to get our lives back on track a bit this week!  I'll be doing some catch-up cleaning around the house and hopefully enjoying some more beautiful weather!  We hit the park this morning to play with friends - great start to our week!

Here's what we're eating:

Sunday:  with family for Easter

Monday:  Leftovers

Tuesday:  Grilled Salmon with Strawberry Avocado Salsa and Asparagus

Wednesday:  Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry with Brown Rice

Thursday:  Buffalo Joes with Ranch Potato Wedges

Friday:  Out

Saturday:  Out

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