Tuesday, November 11, 2008

$1300 Poorer, 1 Updated Sewer System Richer.

Only problem is, I can't use a new clean out valve as currency...

Well, Mr. PlumberNumber3 and sidekick were here for about 4-5 hours this afternoon installing the clean out valve outside of our house. Finally, everything is fixed and properly installed and we aren't experiencing any more plumbing issues! Thank GAWD!

I'm glad that it ONLY (Lord, listen to me) cost $1300 instead of the original $3200 that Roto-Rooter quoted us, but I am currently trying to keep my mind from thinking of the myriad of other places that I could have spent that $1300... *cha-ching!* ::waves:: Bye-bye paycheck. Yeah, I gross about $1100-$1200 bi-weekly.

I try to keep in mind that every update and improvement we do to the house - whether voluntary or because something has broken and we can't live without it - will be an added value when we go to sell the house, and definitely something to talk up.

Oh, yes, the house was built in 1965 - it's a classic (::eyeroll::), but we just replaced the whole roof last year, isn't it pretty?! And, don't forget, we have a brand spankin' new clean out valve out back. Guaranteed for up to a year! No more pesky main sewer line issues. Also, you won't buh-leeeeave what this kitchen used to look like! See? No more faux-brick. Exposed wires? All brought up to code, and no more hole in the wall. Electrical? Yep, that's also been taken care of. No more jacked up, potential fire hazard, wiring - we had a nice new breaker box installed just a year ago! We're just a few minutes from Easton. <--- this is how the house selling goes in my head at least : )


  1. See, going with the local plumber always pays off. And now you have a plumber you can call in the future, in case something else happens. Yay!

    That's about what I paid for all my diagnoses and work performed on my clean-out valve stuff that happened the spring afer I bought my house, too. After he plumber spent 4.5 hours installing the valve, and I paid him the $850 I owed him, I did the math, and realized that the labor cost me about $180 an hour. Made me wish I was a plumber for a minute.

    Then that minute passed. And I was glad I'd never had to crawl under someone's home, into their septic tank, or had to clean sewage from my fingers day after day after day. :D

    It'll get better from here, I promise!

  2. Ha! Thanks for the support! I too wished that I was a plumber for a minute until I remember that before he had so graciously accepted our check he had been out digging and installing pipe in the cold rain all day after he was pulling out whatever was all caught up in the plumbing issue in he first place. I don't even want to know.

    Yeah, I don't think I'm going to consider a career change at this point :D

  3. Man, that's really crappy! The joys of owning a home...


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