Friday, November 7, 2008

More Fun with Plumbing.

Ahh, the joys of home ownership. Not.

Clearly, as evidenced by my earlier blog Roto-Rooter is out of the question. Thanksandbuh-byenow.

Yesterday, H called a local plumber and (from what I understand) Mr.Plumberman chatted him up a bit about the evils of Roto-Rooter (good to know) and although he himself doesn't do this type of work, he referred us to another local plumber who has the necessary equipment and also has going for him the fact that he's "good people, honest as the day is long". Doesn't get more glowing than that. : )

So of course H called said plumber and set up an appointment for him to come out early this afternoon. I get a call from H shortly after the time of the appointment saying that this plumber won't do that kind of work either. I guess they used to do it, and the person that Mark talked to didn't know that they didn't do it anymore. Thanks, but no thanks.

I guess the issue is that our sewer system is kind of outdated and even if they clear the clog it's very possible that without further (and expensive!) work to update the plumbing it's very possible that we will have this clog again. It can happen at any time. Therefore, Mr. HonestPlumber doesn't want to touch it at all for fear that the job won't stay clog-free. So, he refers us to another guy.

SO, H calls Mr. PlumberNumber3 to set up an appointment. (All this week the issue has gotten worse BTW!) Mr. PlumberNumber3 is able to come out this afternoon. I get a call from H after the guy arrives and apparently the job is going to cost $270 (MUCH less than the $3200 that Roto-Rooter quoted us), $49 of that because they have to take the toilet up to get to the pipe to get to the clog. Wonderous. I can pull the darn toilet up for free, just fix my problem!

In the end, *hopefully* our plumbing issue will be fixed today.

If not, I may just move into a hotel for an indefinite amount of time. The toilet hardly flushes at this point.


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