Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Shizzle.

If you don't get the above reference, it's Mark's attempt at being funny : ) Obama reminds him of Dave Chappell doing his "white guy" impression where he always says in a very serious tone, "For Shizzle.". I like it.

I was hesitant to post anything about the election last night for fear of jinxing anything - I was asleep before the winner was officially named, which is sad in itself because it happened at like 10.00, but whatever - but I'm so proud of our country right now! I was hoping we had it in us, but you never know!

Of course I'm an Obama supporter. I'm a die-hard Democrat and I'm just now realizing how liberal I am in comparison with other people, but that's a whole other story...

Anyway, I'm so proud to have taken part in this historical election. I'm so glad that our Nation finally accepted (and some even embraced) change. I really hope that this marks a turning point in America and that many new, positive changes take place over the next 4 (maybe 8?) years.

I'm glad that I didn't seriously have to consider uprooting myself and moving to Canadia. I don't like the cold. I would probably have trouble learning to say "eh", and I hear that it smells like maple syrup all the time up there ; )

Go America!

In other news, Mark voted around lunch time and noticed that my name was not listed with his in the little booklet that we have to sign. This made me nervous due to my recent name change post-wedding. I went to check on my voter registration info and I am registered with my county's Board of Elections. That was good news, but it was strange because it didn't just list me as Stephanie "Last Name", it listed me as Stephanie "2nd Middle Name (my old last name" "Last Name". I couldn't tell if they were listing me with my middle name, or if they had two last names for me.

Soooo, when I went to vote, I first went to the M's because that's what my new last name starts with. Old-election-volunteer-lady scans the booklet and can't find me. So she hand me this little slip of paper saying that I need to complete a provisional ballot. I tried to expain to her that I WAS registered according to the county's board of elections, but she just stared at me like I was stupid and pointed me towards the provisional ballot table. When I got over there old-election-volunteer guy started to get me set up with a paper ballot and I again explained that I was registered as a voter with my county according to their website.

I then realized that perhaps I should check with the E's, which is what my old last name starts with and sure enough, that's where I was. Even though I clearly stated on all of the forms that I had to fill out that my maiden name was becoming my middle name, NOT being kept as a last name, they somehow managed to register me with 2 last names and I was therefore on the wrong booklet. Wonderous.

Anyway, I'm very happy that I found my name and didn't have to kick any old-people volunteer ass. I'm going to have to get my info corrected, but I wonder just what the BMV has me listed as since they are the ones who filed my updated voter registration? I don't even want to think about it. Maybe if I ever decide to commit a crime they won't be able to find me because of the name mix-up. Score one for me.


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