Monday, November 10, 2008

Plumbing 3.0

Or, Part III of the Plumbing Saga.

When I got home from work around 5PM on Friday, Mr. PlumberNumber3 was still at our house. In the rain. Digging in the backyard. In the near-dark. It was a really crappy day for this nonsense.

I actually pulled up to my H in the front yard, with the dog on a leash (complete with gentle leader because she's a naughty girl and can't behave on her leash ), both soaking wet because it was raining and the dog just looking around like, "What? I KNOW you don't expect me to do my bidness out here. Would YOU want to tinkle in the front yard in plain sight of everyone? I don't think so." Needless to say, that whole situation did not work out even after at least 20 minutes of persistance on H's part.

Anyway, Mr. PlumberNumber3 had come to the house earlier in the afternoon and first took up the toilet to try to run a snake down into our main line to either clear the issue, or find this outside clean out thing - whatever the heck that is... but apparently it's something that allows them to access the big part of the main sewer line in order to make sure that everything is all clear. He wasn't able to snake the pipe, but apparently he did pull some roots out. I don't know a lot about plumbing, but those probably aren't supposed to be in your main sewer line. Just a guess.

So, after he wasn't able to clear it out all the way, he sent a little camera down to try to see if we did have one of these outside clean out thingers, which he thought we did even though our outside pipes are apparently all wacky. BIG SURPRISE! Thank you yahoos who seem to have remodeled the house without ANY training or common sense. You need evidence? Please direct your attention to an earlier post regarding the GIANT hole we uncovered in our kitchen wall complete with exposed wires. Yeah. Pretty sure THAT'S not up to code. Gah!

Long story short, Mr. PlumberNumber3 was at our house for hours working on this project. He dug a hole in our backyard looking for this outside clean out thinger that doesn't seem to exist on our property. He was able to get the pipes clear enough to get us comfortably through the weekend, but the issue has not yet been completely resolved. Now, he's supposed to come back out tomorrow morning (Tuesday) to go ahead and install an outside clean out thinger in the giant hole already dug in our backyard (worked out nicely that way ::eyeroll::) so that we can finally get our plumbing issues completely resovled. (hopefully)

The cost of the resolution? $1300. Not excited about this. At all. BUT on the bright side (if there is one) Mr. PlumberNumber3 was very reasonable with us on Friday and because he didn't really fix the problem even after being there several hours (and plumbers aren't cheap by the hour!) he didn't charge us full price, but basically only charged us for a portion of the work they will be doing on Tuesday since he went ahead and already dug the beauteous hole in our backyard. All in all, including Friday AND Tuesdays work, we should only have to pay them $1300 in total.

*Gag* Excuse me, that was just me feeling sick at the thought of having to spend that much money on plumbing. Oh, the things I would rather put it towards... but instead I'll be able to do laundry again. Handy, but not one of my favored pursuits in life. Oh well. Suck is life. Oh, I mean such...

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  1. Its a clean-out valve. And its tha same thing I told you about in our board...I had that same problem, except it wasn't so much roots getting into my pipes causing problems (which is normal and can happen anywhere there are trees near your main line - I use a monthly dose of Rid-X to keep mine at bay), it was all kinds of...other stuff. Yeah, I can't put tha other stuff down the toilet any more. My pipes can't take it!

    Having the clean-out valve will be worth it, believe me! Ours has come in handy more than once or twice in the past 5 years.

    Hang in there! These plumbing issues don't happen often, and a least we aren't the plumbers, you know? Gah, can you even imagine? ::shudders::


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