Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes. Or, why I had to end my evening with a glass of wine and pizza.

I know that taxes are what makes the world go 'round.

I know this. I really do.

However, after spending an evening up close and personal with my finances I too realize that taxes are not my friend.

Why is this? A few things actually. Please allow me to break them down.

1) I owe the federal government $917.

2) I owe the city government $27.

3) My return from the State is $114. This amount does not negate what I owe. Please see above.

4) I was not allowed to claim any education credit for tuition or school related-expenses as I have in the past. Apparently this is not allowed when one is "married - filing separately". Whaaa?! Just because I'm married doesn't mean I'm not po'. Because I am. Married. And po' money-hungry (I can't really claim poverty here I suppose). At the same time. Please see #1 as to why this is so upsetting.

5) I had 2 W-2s to deal with this year.

6) According to my multiple W-2s, I had taxes taken out for Dublin, Columbus, AND Gahanna in 2008. Three different cities. How do I still owe a city money?! Where is my return on this?!

7) I owe the federal government a considerable amount of money yet they already took 10% of my paycheck. According to my tax breakdown I actually owe them 15%. WHY?!

I conclusion, I hate the government.*

The End.

*Please note: I don't *really* hate the federal government - please don't start monitoring me 24/7 - I'm just angry when confronted with the reality of my taxes in conjunction with what that money has been spent on thus far vs. what I actually net. I got over my anger (mostly) and stopped my intermittent cussing (mostly) after I had a glass of wine and some pizza.

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