Thursday, April 23, 2009

I KNEW I should have stayed in bed today.

But NOOOOOO Mark insisted on my getting up. Well, fine bit of good that did me.

So, I'm rushing (as usual) because I'm trying to get to work early to get in some overtime.

I look at my dash clock - 7.45, okay, not great, but good - I go to make a right turn from the freeway exit ramp on the main road and *CRUNCH*

Whattheheck?! Is there a curb I didn't see?!


It's a car. A CAR I didn't see!


Apparently, the car in front of me who was turning right on red chose at the last minute NOT to complete the turn. So, she turned (or, so I thought) so I made the stupid mistake of looking left, right into the sun, struggling to see a break in oncoming traffic and inched my way right into Ladyinfrontofme's driver's side rear bumper.

My first thought of course was: OH CRAP! I'm going to have to send a claim through the insurance company making that 2 claims (I had a weather related mishap in Winter '07) and I'm sure therefore causing my premiums to skyrocket. FlippingFantastic.

So, we pull off to the side of the road - goodbye oppurtunity for before work overtime - and *thankfully* (at least according to Ladyinfrontofme) I hit her where she already had a pre-existing scratch and small dent. She immediately said her car looked okay and we looked at mine, which was slightly worse, but still not too bad, and decided not to exchange info. To be honest, she seemed very hesitant to exchange info so maybe she didn't have insurance? ::side-eye:: But, whatever, it was totally my fault anyway as far as I can tell and I'd be glad to just have to worry about fixing my damage out of pocket.

I took a cursory glance at the damage to my car when I made it to work, I have some paint damage and a fairly small dent in my passenger-side front fender, but other than that, I don't think there's too much damage.


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