Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time to Muck Out the Inbox

I have a confession to make.  Part of my life is overwhelmed by clutter!  Where does it come from?  I don't quite know because every time I sort through it all and get everything cleared out it's back in the blink of an eye!

What am I talking about?

My email inbox!!!

For your entertainment, a screen shot of my current inbox:

2,346 emails in my inbox!  Two-thousand three-hundred forty-six. emails. in. my. inbox.

::head explodes::

Where does this all COME from?!

It feels like I just sorted through everything last week!  Okay... maybe it was more like Thanksgiving because I was a little untimely responding to an email from my Aunt regarding Turkey Dinner...

But anyway, not too long ago, I was in a very similar position {buried in unnecessary emails} and dug out and unsubscribed from a bunch of lists {some, I don't even know how I got on...?} and was rewarded with a nice clear inbox.  And now?  It's back!


I really need to get things cleared out before I miss something important because as you might be able to see the 2,346 emails that are taking up space in my inbox are just glorified spam!  Yeah, maybe it's for one of the many a deal a day site that I belong to, or an update from Pinterest, but really... spam.  Needless junk! 

Times like this make me want to just move to a new email address :-/

Off to spend the next two hours getting friendly with my delete button.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers from Overflowing Inbox Syndrome!

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