Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hypnobabies, Chiropractic Care, VBAC, and 30 weeks!

I know I keep saying this, but this pregnancy is flying by!  I'm 30 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling that I'm firmly into 3rd trimester.  Nothing major, just tired, general mild aches and pains.  Certainly nothing to complain about! 

I've been seeing a chiropractor on a weekly basis mostly in an attempt to avoid the pelvic pain I experienced last time, but it has also made a difference in my overall comfort (and it's just great for pregnancy, there are a lot of benefits.  So glad I decided to start going!) so I'm optimistic about how the rest of this pregnancy will play out.  Additionally, I'm sleeping so much better since I started getting adjusted, which I hadn't planned on.  Seriously, overnight, better quality of sleep.  Granted my schedule is still set by a 3-foot-tall dictator, but when I AM sleeping it's quality sleep, which is important and much more than I can say for the sleep I was getting up until now.  I'm totally sold on chiropractic care. 

Last weekend was our final Hypnobabies class.  I really enjoyed the classes and I'm so glad we did them, but I'm also glad that they're over!  They took up a big chunk of already too short weekends and made for a long day.  Now that the classes are behind us I'll spend the time from now until the birth basically compounding what I've learned.  I'll continue working with it every day, practicing the techniques, and very importantly, surrounding myself with positive thoughts.  Hopefully all this work will be worth it and lead to a great experience during my birthing time.

So obviously it's been implied, but I don't know that I've actually yet stated, I am planning for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  Based upon my circumstances I'm a great candidate and the risks of a VBAC are lower for me than that of a repeat cesarean.  We're doing everything we can to stack the deck in our favor in order to achieve a VBAC. 

Last year, before we were even trying for another baby, I switched to a new practice because I knew I wanted to attempt a VBAC and I knew that I needed a new care provider to give myself the best chance possible.  The practice I'm currently with is comprised of 3 Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and 1 OB/GYN.  I rotate between the 3 CNMs and will only see the OB if something becomes higher risk or if I end up needing a C/S after all.  The practice definitely subscribes more to the traditional midwifery model of care than the medical model and overall I just think this is exactly where we need to be.  They attend births in the hospital, but they're extremely supportive of my attempt at a VBAC and I think they'll really be great partners in this process.

So far our experience has been night and day.  Last time I was with a huge practice where I saw someone new every time.  Appointments were extremely quick, they were doing things their way, and I was nothing more than a file to them.  I really should have explored other options (I really wish I had found my current practice last time, I really think things would have gone differently), but at the time I thought MY knowledge could overcome whatever my care provider situation is.  I've since learned the importance of having a supportive provider whose views align with your own.

Anyway, despite having a great experience so far, I was kind of holding my breath until the appointment where we discussed everything in detail.  In order to move forward with a trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) the patient has to sign off on paperwork indicating that they understand the potential risks.  It's a good thing really because the it gives the provider a chance to ensure that you're giving informed consent and it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

And I had questions.  A whole long list of them, because I definitely do not want any surprises when we get to the end.  I wanted to know ahead of time just where they stood on issues that are important to me in an attempt to really gauge how supportive they are.  I was nervous going into this appointment because I really felt that this practice is the best fit for us and what if when I asked all of my questions I found out things weren't going to go quite the way I was imagining?  Well, I'm so happy to report that after thorough questioning I'm more reassured in my providers than ever.  I really think they're going to partner with us and support us through this process.  I don't feel like I'm going to have to fight for what I want or second guess their recommendations.  Trust is priceless and of the utmost importance in a situation like this. 

As of right now I'm just really looking forward to everything coming together and seeing the process unfold.  I hope I can maintain a positive outlook right up through the end!


  1. Hello, Stephanie! I stumbled across your blog and couldn't help noticing that you credited chiropractic care with helping your pelvic pain and prepare you for pregnancy. I'm so glad it's helping! Here's looking forward to a smooth labor!

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