Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Molly - 2 months old

Molly turned 2-months-old on Saturday.  She's growing and changing every day.  Everything just seems to happen so quickly right now!

I think she's going to be our little social butterfly because her favorite thing to do already is "talk" with you.  Any time someone turns their attention to her she just lights up with a big smile and will gurgle and coo at you like you're having a conversation.  She loves when we talk to her and give her the chance to "talk" back.

She's likes laying on her play mat.  It's still early for her to really grab/hit any of the toys, but she just likes to look at new things!

She loves being in new spaces.  Recently we started getting out for play dates, which gives Molly the opportunity to ride along in a wrap.  She spends half the time sleeping and half the time just quietly looking around and observing what's going on.  In the evenings I bring her into the kitchen with me while I'm making dinner and she loves just sitting in her Rock N Play, looking around the kitchen and watching me while I work.  I hope the "newness" of the kitchen never wears off because her contentedness is really helpful when I need to get things done in there!

Overall, she's still a very content baby.  She hit her 8 week Wonder Week right on time (she hit it at 7 weeks versus 8, you have to account for gestational age at birth and she was a 41-weeker) and we went through a few days where she wanted to be held more and was fussier than usual (which is really to say she was fussy when she typically isn't), but we got off very easy and it passed quickly!

Smile brought to you by the Moby wrap.  This was in the midst of her 8th week fussiness.

Molly is starting to be awake for longer stretches, but she still sleeps a lot of the time.  She definitely doesn't have a schedule yet.  She's still in sleep and eat whenever mode, but I do see somewhat of a pattern emerging.  She's on a roughly every 2-3 hour schedule during the day.  She's still sleeping in her Rock N Play wherever I am, which usually means she's just kind of hanging out in the family room during the day, and in our room at night, obviously.

This is what I get to wake up next to in the morning :)

She tends to fall asleep for the night around 9pm.  Sometimes it's closer to 8pm, and sometimes closer to 10pm.  We don't have a bedtime routine at this point, she pretty much just conks out when she feels like it so depending on when she had her last diaper change and feeding before she fell asleep we will sometimes wake her to change her diaper and offer a bottle when we go to bed around 11pm.  We're trying to get a better handle on her desired sleep schedule though and time things to where she falls asleep with a clean diaper and full tummy so we don't have to wake her.  Plus, if we do wake her for a late diaper change she is only sometimes interested in eating at that time because she's so sleepy. 

She used to wake around 2am (if she didn't eat around the time we went to bed) and then again around 6am for overnight feedings.  Lately though she's been waking only once around 5am.  All very respectable stretches of sleep!  She tends to wake for the day around 8am, sometimes closer to 9am.

8 weeks old in a snap converted Clementine bumGenius 3.0

Currently Molly is eating around 4oz of formula at every feeding.  Sometimes it's more like 3oz and lately she's been taking more like 5oz, especially if she's had a longer stretch since her last meal.

The other thing that's nice is she tends to take a decent nap around 1-2pm, which overlaps with Jack's "naptime" (which is typically "quiet time" nowadays) which means I get a little bit of a break!  Often the nap will be in her RnP, but sometimes it's on me.  Either way, it's a nice treat!  It doesn't happen every day though.

Tummy time!  Working on those neck muscles.

I'm totally impressed by how quickly she has gained control of her head.  It seems like so very recently she was a total bobble head, now she can hold her head nice and steady and easily turn towards things she wants to look at.  Sometimes she still has the bobble head effect, but more often she has great control.  It's odd to see her hold her head so effectively and definitely makes her seem a lot older than she was just a couple weeks ago!

Also, her eyes keep getting bluer and bluer!  When Jack was first born his eyes were very blue and never really changed much.  When Molly was born her eyes were much darker and muddier and I was certain she was going to be our brown-eyed baby, but nope!  It seems she's going to be blue-eyed as well as her eyes just keep getting lighter.

Big brother Jack wanted to get in on the photo fun!

She certainly has grown.  It's strange to think that she was still in my tummy just a few weeks ago.  Her 2 month appointment isn't until next week so I'm not sure if her official weight and height measurements, but I'm interested to find out!

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