Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We Survived.

Yesterday was my first day flying solo as a momma of two. 

I have been apprehensive about this day since... well, since before I become pregnant with Molly to tell you the truth.  Some days, okay, a lot of days, I felt stretched to maximum capacity just caring for Jack and the thought of adding another tiny human to the mix, a very needy tiny human at that, was more than enough to strike fear in my heart!  I just didn't know how I was going to do everything and still be standing at the end of the day, but you know what?  We survived. 

Not only did we survive, but I'd like to think we did pretty darn well on our first day alone.  Did I get any time to myself until after the kids were in bed for the night?  No.  Not unless you count a short span of time in the late afternoon while Jack was being entertained by Thomas the Train and Molly was sleeping on my chest while I planned next month's playgroup calendar one-handed, which, for the record, I do not.  And by the time the kids were in bed for the night I was ex.haus.ted.  And sore.  Apparently my body is out of practice for lifting a 35lb toddler all day long :/  We went to bed an hour early last night and I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

Kids were cared for, fed, and diapered {side note: having two in diapers?  I feel like all I did yesterday was change diapers.  Not only is Molly rapidly outgrowing the absorbency of her newborn diapers (more on newborn cloth diapering later!) requiring more frequent than usual changes, but after the Great Potty Training Debacle of 2013 we've been encouraging Jack to tell us any time he wets or dirties his diaper in hopes of him becoming more comfortable with acknowledging what his body is doing.  He's doing really well with it, but it seems to result in more frequent (and prompt) diaper changes.}.  Dishes were done.  Clutter was tackled.  Beds were made.  Dusting and vacuuming happened.  Friends came to play (and brought us lunch!), which was a wonderful help with entertaining Jack and breaking up our first day!  And in a moment of pure annoyance with looking at the toys that have taken over my family room I decided enough was enough and straightened all the toys and found homes for new things that have come into the house recently.  There's still a train table in the middle of our family room, but it's much better!  Dinner was made and Jack even helped me make some breadsticks with dinner.  If making fresh bread to go with dinner on my first day alone with two crazies kids isn't success, I don't know what is! 

On to day two!

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