Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day in the Life

I did a 'day in the life' post back when Jack was 8 months old.  I thought we were much overdue for an update considering not only has quite a bit of time passed, but another person has joined the family!  Here's a typical day in our life right now while Jack is 3 1/2 and Molly is 5 months old.

5am-ish:  Molly wakes up to eat.  Mark gives her a diaper change, feeds her, and then she goes back to sleep.  For about the last week she's been waking earlier than usual.

7.20am:  Molly is up for the day.  I'm still tiiiiiired so I give her her monkey to play with in hopes that she can entertain herself for a short time and I can doze a little longer.

7.40am:  Molly decides she's over the monkey so we both get up for the day.  I change her diaper then settle her on her playmat while I grab some coffee.  I check out things on the interwebz for a bit while I drink my coffee.

8am:  Molly and I play for a bit and then I offer her a bottle.  Even though she seems hungry she can't decide if she wants it or not.

8.30am:  I hear Jack waking up.  He likes to talk/sing to himself for a little bit in the morning.  I keep trying to get Molly to eat, but she's not cooperating too much.  Guess she's not that hungry.

8.50am:  We head back to get Jack up.  After bouncing around in bed for a bit he gets a diaper change then we head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Today he had yogurt and a banana oatmeal muffin for breakfast

9am:  I set Jack up with his breakfast and then take Molly for another diaper change (dirty diaper this time!).  I realize she's tired so I lay her down for her first nap of the day.

9.10am:  Jack's done with breakfast.  He gets some playtime and watches some PBS shows while I get the bag ready.  We're heading to play with friends later this morning once Molly wakes up.

9.30am:  Jack's turn for a dirty diaper change and then I get him dressed.  I put diaper laundry in the wash and then I start getting ready to leave while Jack plays.

10.20am:  Molly is awake.  I get her ready to go, start the diapers through their wash, put on my wrap, grab everything, collect both kids, and we're out the door just after 10.30, nearly and hour later than usual.

Ready to go!

10.55am:  We finally make it to the park and meet up with friends!  There's playing, lunch and bottle are consumed, more playing, and socializing for me and Molly too.  She's a ham.

Too busy to stop for lunch!  Jack ate a cheese stick and 1/4 of his PB&J while standing up.  Then he was off again for more playing!

1.15pm:  Oh no!  It's starting to rain on us.  Time to head home!  We make a quick exit.  Molly ends up falling asleep in the car, but only for a very short time.

1.40pm:  We arrive home.  I clean up a spill that the dog created by knocking over a cup while we were gone.  I get Molly a fresh diaper, then change Jack's diaper (dirty diaper #3 for the day), then when I return to Molly I realize she has a dirty diaper too.  She tends to like to go in a clean diaper :/  So, another diaper change for her (dirty diaper change #4 for the day!).

2pm:  Everything and everyone is cleaned up.  I start the diapers through their final rinse then I settle down to give Molly a bottle while Jack plays.

2.15pm:  I lay Molly down for her 2nd nap.

2.20pm:  I get Jack settled for quiet time, which includes putting together his train tracks.

Lunch today is dinner leftovers, hamburger with sauteed mushrooms and onions and some honeydew.

2.30pm:  Lunch time for me!  Finally!  I sit down to eat and watch some TV that no one else likes.  Today it's My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I.  Horrific, yet fascinating.

2.50pm:  Molly's up.  I guess we're going to do two short cat naps between the car and this one rather than one real nap.  Oh well, at least it's something!  I settle her on her playmat to play and then switch the diaper laundry over to the dryer.  I sit down to finish up my show.

3.05pm:  Molly is tired of entertaining herself so we have some play time and practice a little with back carrying in our new woven wrap.  There's a pretty big learning curve to use it, especially with back carries, which I can't seem to properly accomplish.  Well she's... up there?  I took her right out because it was a poor wrap job.  Try, try again!

3.30pm:  Time to rescue Jack from quiet time, he did a great job!  Jack wants a snack and to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally, his newest television interest.

3.40pm:  Once I get Jack settled with a show and a snack, Molly decides she's hungry too.  Time for another bottle.

Today's snack is some banana and graham crackers

Time for a burp

4pm:  Molly has another dirty diaper, time for another change (#5 for the day if anyone is keeping track, I sure am ;) ).  While I'm back in the bedroom I go ahead and make the bed and put away some laundry that I folded last night.

Molly supervises my chores while playing with her little bunny.

4.30pm:  Another dirty diaper for Jack (This makes 6 for the day).  A fresh diaper then we all play for a while.  Molly seems tired, I think this is going to be a 3 nap kind of day.

4.50pm:  I lay Molly down for a nap and head in to clean the kitchen, wash bottles (boo), and pop some sweet potatoes in the oven for dinner while Jack plays.

5.20pm:  I'm finished cleaning, dinner prep can wait a few minutes, and I asked Jack if he wanted to play in the backyard, but surprisingly he's happy inside.  So I sit down for some interwebz time while everyone else is occupied.

5.23pm:  That didn't last long.  Molly's awake.  I get her settled in the Jumperoo for some play time!

5.40pm:  Okay, time to start in on dinner.  I get Molly settled in her seat so she can watch me.

My other helper meanders over eventually.

5.45pm:  Daddy's home!  Yay!  His turn to get Molly a dry diaper :)

Jack is always so excited for Dada to get home!

6.15pm:  We sit down to dinner.  Molly hangs out with us in her bouncy seat.

Dinner tonight:  Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Green Beans

7pm:  Dinner is finished.  I sit and talk with Mark while he's cleaning up dinner while Jack plays and Molly hangs out in her seat for a bit longer.

7.20pm:  Molly is getting tired.  I take her back and get her a fresh diaper and PJs then it's time for a bottle, some snuggles, and bedtime.  This happens while Jack gets some playtime with Dada and we all watch Wheel of Fortune.  It's tradition.

Don't let that sweet face fool you.  She was exhausted.  Nighty-night!

7.50pm:  Time for teeth brushing for Jack courtesy of Dada.

8pm:  Jack's bedtime.  Dada takes him back for a fresh diaper, PJs, and a few books before lights out.  I clean up the family room then collect diapers from the dryer so I can stuff them along with folding a small load of clothes leftover from yesterday's washing while watching TV with Mark.  On tonight's TV schedule: Real Housewives of the OC and Under the Dome(!  So excited for this, loooved the book).  I'm only into highbrow programming, obviously ;)

11.15pm:  We head to bed.  I try to read my book for a few minutes, but can barely keep my eyes open so it's time to sleep!

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