Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Jack got a new big boy bed!

Sunday was spent rearranging things to accommodate his new bed.  Before this he was still in his toddler bed (converted from his crib), but he was getting pretty big for it, plus we're going to need the crib for Molly soon so it was time for a new bed!

We removed the crib (obviously!) and rocking chair from Jack's room.  We replaced the rocking chair with a little papasan chair that we picked up at a garage sale this weekend (score!).  We'll be able to snuggle in bed with him to read bed time stories now, but for "rest time" Jack liked to sit in the rocking chair to look out the window at the cars going by and read some books on his own.  His new chair should serve this purpose just fine.

We had to shuffle some things around and the changing table is still in his room for the time being until we can make space for it in Molly's room-to-be so things are kind of squeezed in for right now.  We'll rearrange things again once we finish stage 2 of all this transitioning.  We also brought Jack's train table (which used to be in Molly's room-to-be, which is currently the playroom/office/storage) into his room.  I was a little hesitant about this because he's never had toys in his room before, but so far he's done fine with it and really seems to enjoy having toys in his space.

In Molly's room-to-be we removed the desk and chair ( :(  I'm losing my craft space) and moved the crib in it's place.  We also stuck the rocking chair in there, but we can't easily get to it to use it right now.  As soon as I get a chance I'm going to have to clean out the closet in that room, which we use for general storage (garage sale time!), so we can shuffle things around to have it in more working order.  For the time being the bulk of Jack's toys are going to stay in there so he can use it as a play space.  The dog's cage (which she only uses overnight, her preference) is also in there for the time being, but obviously we're going to need to figure out a different arrangement with that situation.

Ugh... that room is such a mess now.  I feel like as soon as I get things arranged and find a place for everything it's time to rearrange again!  First, I spent time sorting things out, packing things up, and finding places for new holiday toys.  Then, I had to make room for Molly's things once she was due to arrive.  THEN I had to rearrange things a bit more to make room for the train table that was still sitting in our family room a couple of months after Christmas that I was fed up with looking at.  And now it's time to shuffle things around again.  I guess that's what happens when you have too much stuff and minimal space!

For stage 2 of rearrangement (in order to get Molly's room fully functional) we'll move Jack's toys out and store some in his room, some in the family room.  The dog's cage will come out and the changing table will get moved from Jack's room to Molly's room.  Once we get the changing table out of Jack's room we can move the book case to a more desirable spot.

We hope to keep Molly in our room for at least another 6 weeks or so, so we have time before we really need the room ready to go so we'll be working on this not-so-fun project as we have time for it.  I would at least like to get the bed and rocking chair fully functional very soon so that we can use the chair and so that I can start laying Molly down in her bed for daytime naps to help with the eventual transition.

Jack's first night in his big boy bed was Sunday night.  That afternoon we went out and bought bedding and he seemed excited about setting everything up.  Right before bed he was a little hesitant and asked for his bed, but he quickly got over it and took to the bed nicely.  He slept all night without issue so I'll count it as a win :)

He really likes having his train table in his room and has spent quite a bit of time playing back there this week.

I have fun fabric on the way to make Jack a duvet cover for his new big boy bed.

Hope it turns out well!

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