Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Molly - 8 months

Molly is 8 months old!

I was pretty late in posting last month so we've had some big changes as well as things remaining pretty much the same.

First, Molly is officially crawling!  This past Thursday she finally got some forward momentum and it's taken off from there.  She's all over the place now.  Watch out!

Mobile baby gets into lots of things and is quite pleased with her accomplishments.

And of course she enjoys bothering her big brother.  What are younger siblings for after all?

She's currently working on her first tooth.  Poor thing has been pretty upset the last few days and although nothing is actually visible yet she has a nice bump on her gum so I suspect one of her bottom teeth is going to be making it's appearance any time now.

Had to bust out the baby jail to hang laundry.  Molly will no longer play contentedly on a blanket in the backyard.

With that said, overnight sleep has continued to be rough.  It's no wonder considering she's been working on crawling and producing her first tooth!  Naps are still going okay most days.

Mobile baby likes to stealth steal food.  Here she got ahold of Jack's snack of orange slices.

She's loving food and makes pretty quick work of anything put in front of her.  She's regularly eating both lunch and dinner now and I hope to add in breakfast here soon.  She's mostly taking 5-6oz of formula at a time now, which is up from 4-5oz.  Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more (especially in overnight bottles).

Her current schedule something like this:

7.30am: wake up; get into everything play time.

9.30am: bottle, rocking, morning nap time

10.30am: wake up, get into everything play time

11.30am: lunch, more playing

1.30pm:  bottle, rocking, afternoon nap time

2.30pm: wake up, more play time

4.30pm: bottle

6pm: dinner

7pm: bottle, rocking, bed time

Midnight - 6.30am: various wakings and bottle feedings

I feel like she should be taking more bottles throughout the day at this point.  I typically offer her a bottle upon waking, but she's just not into it.  She's never been on the higher end of normal as far as formula intake so I guess it is what it is at this point.  Luckily, she seems to be doing well with her solids, but I suspect if she ate more during the day it might help her sleep at night.

She loves to imitate/be imitated.  She's try to make the sounds she hears and likes when anyone mimics her.  She also likes to fake cough for attention and she'll usually wave back if someone waves at her.  Very social, she is!  She has also started to give kisses (and it's all sorts of adorable!) and she sometimes smacks her lips when she's ready to eat.  I'm trying to start some baby sign language with her and I think with the way she likes to imitate things she'll likely pick up quickly on some signs.  Another favorite of her is blowing raspberries.

She still likes to be worn.  We've been using the Boba a lot for out and about and we've been doing some back carrying in the wrap at home.  She's big enough now that back wraps are really going well!  Good thing because she's getting heavy!

We picked up a double stroller this month.  Molly happily rode while facing me.  Jack opted to push his puppy in his stroller for part of our walk.  I'm not sure if it's any easier pushing what feels like a 100lb stroller with both kids in it, or pushing Jack in a single stroller and wearing a ~20lb baby.

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