Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ruffled Crib Skirt

I'm slowly getting Molly's room decorated and the next project on the list was a crib skirt.

Of course I fell in love with some beautiful ruffled crib skirts that I saw, but I couldn't find what I wanted at a price that I found to be reasonable so I made my own!

It turned out super cute, but it was a decent amount of work.

I spent 3 weekends working on this project, although I didn't get a ton of time to devote to it.  It involved lots of cutting, pressing, and hemming.  I also don't have a ruffle foot for my sewing machine so I had to spend time gathering the ruffles by hand.

I am pretty excited by the end result though and the fact that I spent a little over $10 on the project!  I re-purposed an unused full-sized dust ruffle (by cutting it to size and piecing it together) to create the deck and panels so I only had to buy 3 yards of fabric and some thread.

I looked at a few different tutorials and then just kind of did my own thing.

Onto the next project :)

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