Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And... We're Still Working on it.

The kitchen renovation that is.

We are currently rounding 3rd base and about to head home with this project. I think we need ONE MORE coat of paint on the cabinet doors, which will then be a total of 3 (+ 2 coats of primer) and we should be good to go!

Yesterday, we ordered new hinges, which are MUCH more expensive than they should be in my opinion! At local home improvement stores lower end hinges cost about $3 PER HINGE! We need 32 hinges total, which would have ended up costing about $100 for something you barely even see! Ick.

Thankfully, I was able to find what we needed online - I lub eBay - and we were able to purchase hinges in bulk (maybe I can resell the ones we don't need?) for a total of $55 including shipping! That's a savings of 45%! Yay us!

We also started looking around for drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs, which we will also end up purchasing online (most likely). They are just outrageous in home improvement stores.

I can't wait to see the cabinet doors back up. I really think it's going to look great!

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