Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Recap.

Friday evening, we went to an early movie. We saw Mirrors and it was really scary! I'm now convinced that there are people in the mirrors trying to get me, awesome. One thing that really shocked me and made me want to slap people is that they took their kids to the movie! This is an R-rated horror film, it had nudity, very harsh language and it was darn scary! Some lady sitting next to us, brought her kid who was like 5 years old. Totally inappropriate IMO. I know that I should expect it by now, but the irresponsibility of parents amazes me every time. God forbid you should restrict what your young child watches. Ugh!

Aside from that, once the movie was over, we got trapped in the aisle. Like I said, we went to an early movie, around 4.30PM, so the theatre was not full by any means. There were 2 girls sitting to the left of us, and the 2 women with the little kid sitting to the right. The credits start rolling and we get up to leave from the right side, and the people next to us just sat there, didn't even acknowledge that we were trying to leave. So we turned to the left... the people on the left were getting up and preparing to leave, or so it seemed to us. I have no idea what they were doing, but they were moving so slowly even though it was quite apparent that we were trying to escape the darn theatre. So, we turn to the right again, the people over there still weren't budging. I then turn around (we were sitting very close to the front) the ENTIRE theatre had already emptied out. Seriously. The ONLY people left in the theatre was us and the people who were trapping us.

Eventually we got out, of course the people all ended up getting up and leaving at the same time. I still have no idea what took so long, but H and I found it very funny that we ended up being the VERY last people out of the theatre. I think those people on either side of us were very rude. Everyone knows that movie theatre etiquette is to get up and get the Hell out of there! Or, if you're going to drey around and watch the credits, you need to move/stand up so that other people aren't trapped in the aisle.

After the movie, we went out for Mexican, then ran to Target for a couple of things for the house, then over to Wal-mart (always an... experience) to get some organizers for the kitchen cabinets and then home to relax.

Saturday we went down to Mark's Mom's house to visit. We took the puppy with us so that she could play with Mark's Mom's dog, who she just loves to death. They wore each other out as usual with all of their running around. We then went home to relax for the evening.

Sunday was so nice! I had all of the windows open and there was a nice breeze, very unusual for the dog days of summer in Ohio. I cleaned and did laundry as Sunday is my usual day for this and I also got quite a bit of reading done (I'm currently working on Breaking Dawn). I organized/rearranged some of the kitchen cabinets. We are trying to clear out some of the stuff that we don't need for the yard sale that we are planning to have very soon. I'm sure this will be another adventure. We are still waiting to get the hinges so that we can reattach the cabinet doors, I'm starting to get very impatient, but hopefully we will have them very soon.

And, Mark got me a pretty plant that I put in a pot. It's very cute.

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