Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Recap.

Saturday was H's Fantasy Football draft day. Presumably, that went well. While he entertained himself with imaginary football teams, I went out to lunch with my friend Rachel. It was nice catching up. I then came back home and relaxed for another couple of hours by myself (well, with the dog and Kitteh running around as always).

Once H got home, we took a trip to 2 outlet stores to see if they had the couch that we had our eye on. They had similar styles, but not quite what we wanted, however we were able to verify that the sale price on the couch that we wanted was a good deal, and that the quality will be good. Once we got home, we ordered our new couch! I'm so excited to get this. I'm beginning to really dislike our current couch. Of course we have to wait like 5 weeks for the new one to get here, but it will be so worth it!

This is it:

We got it for 50% off, pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

Now, we are trying to decide on a chair.

H wants the matching leather chair.

I want a complementary fabric/upholstered chair. I don't like things to be super matchy-matchy and I'm also worried about having too much leather in a small space. H says there can never be too much leather.

Enter "Chair and a half". This may deserve it's own post, but I'm going to include it here.

This is the matching leather chair that H originally wanted:

It's a bit smaller than the chair that we currently have, but it looks comfy.

This is the complimentary chair that I want:
It's a beautiful shade of Olive which would look perfect in our family room.

Here is the corresponding "chair and a half" that I opened my big mouth about:
Same beautiful shade of Olive as the chair that I want, only larger. The problem is that we have a small family room. The "chair and a half", although comfy, I'm sure, is slightly larger than the bohemoth chair that we currently have in it's place. H is convinced that "chair and a half" will provide ultimate comfort to his booty. I think it might just be too large for our space, but I think my choice has come down to the matching leather chair, which I don't even know if H is that interested in anymore, or chair and a half.

H is still thinking about it. *sigh* We'll see.

Sunday I spent doing the usual housework chores and we FINALLY got the cabinet doors up. Here's something wonderful -> when we originally shopped for hinges, we found that Lowe's had the ones we need priced at $3 per hinge. We even looked at the package. Well, turns out that there are actually 2 hinges per package. They come in a set, it's just hard to see them both in the little baggie. It's actually $1.50 per hinge.

We only find this out AFTER we purchased hinges off eBay, which took FOREVER to get to our house, THEN ended up being the wrong design, so we ended up biting the bullet and deciding to pay $3 per hinge. It turned out to be 1/2 the price of what we were expecting, but still slightly more expensive than what we could have gotten them for on eBay IF we could have found the correct style, which we apparently failed at before. Now, I have to return the ones that we purchased and waited forever to receive instead of going right around the corner and picking up the hinges that actually ended up being the ones that we used.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

In other news, the kitchen looks fab! I love it! It looks completely different, much cleaner, newer, and more open! I can't wait to get the electrical taken care of so that we can get the walls finished!

I'll upload some pics ASAP!

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